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Paranormal Romance

Featured Early Book Review: Archangel’s Shadows (Guild Hunter #7) by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Shadows is set as a filler story on the overarching archangel political plotline of the series but easily stands out as a must-read story in its own right. Fans of the Guild Hunter series will absolutely want to sna...
Contemporary Romance cat

Book Preview & Giveaway: Laura Kaye explores Hard To Hold On To’s inter-racial romance and its reflection on reality

Please help me welcome the fabulous Laura Kaye back to GraveTells! I’m super excited to celebrate the release of Hard to Hold On To and to be a part of the birthday celebration here! My new book is part of a series about the su...

Paranormal Romance

Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway: Only a few more months to wait for Marked, the final Dark Protectors book!

Please help me welcome back one of my favorite authors, Rebecca Zanetti! I absolutely love being back here at GraveTells for the fun celebration for DavinciKittie! Happy Party-Time to an amazing blogger, reviewer, and friend! S...
Book Reviews

Early Book Review: Linger (In Vino Veritas #3) by Lauren Jameson

She imagined that some would say she had become a Domme because she wanted to exert control over her life after the chaos of her early years in the foster system. Perhaps that had played a part in her choices, but Scarlett was ...

Contemporary Romance

Early Book Look, Reviewer’s Take: DaVinciKittie on Nalini Singh’s Rock Addiction

This story may have been written on a whim, a tale that begged to be told amidst Ms. Singh's myriad other deadlines and obligations, but it is perfectly positioned to spin off an entire series around not just the band, but the ...
Contemporary Romance

Early Book Look, Reviewer’s Take: Rachel Elizabeth on Nalini Singh’s Rock Addiction

Nalini Singh adds her own book to the rock star genre and it's a winner! Fox is delicious and dominant and Molly is sweet and strong. They complement each other so well. Full of hot sex, compelling characters, and rock 'n roll,...

The Feed

Travel Spotlight: San Francisco, Yerba Buena, & Samovar

One of my favorite places in the world, and I’ve traveled a decent amount in Europe and around parts of the US, is the San Francisco Bay area.  I love the diversity of culture and people and food, and the SF Bay area̵...
Paranormal Romance

Featured Early Book Review: Night’s Honor (Elder Races #7) by Thea Harrison

Author Thea Harrison is a master of cleverly weaving words to give just the right amount of history without it becoming overwhelming and delivering the message in ways that make complete sense, adding to the story rather than a...

Paranormal Romance

Book Spotlight: Take a peek inside Felicity Heaton’s Tempted By A Rogue Prince

Please help me welcome back Felicity Heaton, paranormal romance author extraordinaire! It’s fantastic to be here today at Grave Tells for the fabulous birthday bash of DavinciKittie! Happy birthday to a really awesome blogger a...
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DVK’s PrizePalooza: Here are the PRIZES you can win!

You asked for it, you got it! You can now enter the contest via FaceBook in addition to Twitter, Pinterest, and GraveTells site comments! Ready to see the prizes?  Here are just SOME of them!  I have far too much swag to pull a...