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Fangtastic Friday: See the new cover & trailer for Nikki Jefford’s upcoming YA-PNR Aurora Sky

Cover Reveal
September 21, 2012
Long-time readers of GT might remember the early days, when we did a weekly vampire feature on Fridays... cheekily called "Fangtastic Friday". It's been a while, so I figured we'd bring it back for the cover reveal and book trailer for YA author Nikki Jefford's upcoming Aurora Sky.

Fangtastic Friday: The Captain’s favorite authors

Ramblings & Musings
October 7, 2011
Patricia Briggs, author of several fantasy novels and most currently turning out Urban Fantasy starring Mercy Thompson, Volkswagen mechanic and coyote shifter (Mercy Thompson series) and Paranormal Romance with Charles and Anna Cornick, werewolves of the Aspen Creek, Montana pack (Alpha and Omega series). ...

Fangtastic Friday: Mangled Stare & the Breaking Dawn Pt 1 trailer

Ramblings & Musings
September 16, 2011
Last month, GraveTells interviewed Austin comic artist Will Rodriguez about his quirky web comic Mangled Stare, after he posted a great strip about stalking Taylor Lautner (<— go there to read the interview and see the strip!). Well now that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 trailer is o...

Fangtastic Friday: Ilona Andrews recaps Armadillo Con

Ilona Andrews
September 2, 2011
If you aren’t subscribed to PNR/UF/SF writer Ilona Andrews’s blog, you’re truly missing out. The female half of this dynamic husband-wife writing team publishes her thoughts on pretty much everything, although usually it’s at least somewhat PNR/UF/SF-related, but even when it’...

Fangtastic Friday: The Revenge of Barrons…

August 26, 2011
… yes, THAT Barrons.  The shove you against the wall and kiss (and …other things…) your socks off Barrons.  The beast who takes what he wants and f*ck anyone who gets in his way Barrons.  The irreverant, cocky, smart, strong, sexy man who can make a woman want to run away a...

Fangtastic Friday: Twilight-inspired artwork & comic by Mangled Stare

Ramblings & Musings
August 19, 2011
This month, Austin comic artist Will Rodriguez celebrates the 10-year anniversary of his quirky web comic Mangled Stare, a dedicated accomplishment in today’s fickle entertainment market.  The Mighty Mangler may be the brain and brush behind MS, but he’s quick to give credit to his family for t...

Fangtastic Friday: Fan Fiction spotlight – Black Dagger Brotherhood

Black Dagger Brotherhood
July 22, 2011
[warning]3/6/2012 Update: J. R. Ward and Penguin Publishers have asked the author of the fan fiction spotlighted in this post to take down all public postings of her piece. Unfortunately, this means that if you haven’t already read the Blay/Qhuinn fanfic story, you won’t likely be able to. This...

Fangtastic Friday: The Alpha Showdown is ON! Bones & Cat go fang-to-fang!

Charlaine Harris
May 20, 2011
I came across this great review blog last week via Facebook and LOVE the Alpha Showdown idea!  The Vampire Book Club has set up a tournament bracket, pitting some of our favorite heroes and heroines of paranormal romance & urban fantasy against each other.  The contest is billed as an “alpha̶...

Fangtastic Friday: Waiting (for True Blood S4 still) Sucks…

May 6, 2011
*** Season 4 spoilers in the video & post below.  Do not click the Play arrow OR read on unless you want a sneak peek of what’s happening in S4! *** [youtube http://youtu.be/es4Hb2J4cYk&w=500&h=311] OooooOOOooo, sexy-Eric and brooding-Bill shots.  Yum!  *grin*  Dead Reckoning is out this ...

Fangtastic Friday: Hot summer reads, Romantic Times awards, & Mr. Romance 2011

J.R. Ward
April 29, 2011
When the heat of summer hits (especially in the south!) and all you can think of as you pour yourself out of your car is how fast you can get into an air-conditioned building, relax & chill out with a steamy little story or four.  *grin*  Yeah yeah, I know there are TONS of great books that are probabl...