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Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Serenade, by DaVinciKittie


This is for you, Bones, my very first book boyfriend…

I have been searching for your touch, unlike any touch I’ve ever known. Immobilized by the thought of you, paralyzed by the sight of you, hypnotized by the words you say… not true but I believe ’em anyway. Your whisper, so clear, the world disappears. You’re picture perfect, completely worth it.

You’ve got my back against the wall. You are relentless, I am defenseless. I shiver when I hear your name. You build me up, you knock me down… provoke a smile and make me frown. You are the king of runaround; you know it’s true. You chew me up and spit me out, enjoy the taste I leave in your mouth. Remember how my body tastes? Feel your heart begin to race. Take me by the tongue and I’ll know you. Kiss me til you’re drunk and I’ll show you. You want to steer, but I’m shifting gears; I’ll take it from here. I won’t be satisfied ’till I’m under your skin. I’m not falling in love ’til I get a little more from you, baby. This time I really need to do things right.

I never knew perfection til I heard you speak, and now it kills me just to hear you say the simple things. Now waking up is hard to do, sleeping’s impossible too, and everything’s reminding me of you. What can I do? It’s not right, not okay. Say the words that you’re saying – maybe we’re better off this way. It’s better that we break. I need to move on and I need you to try, ’cause we’re out of goodbyes.


PS – I never realized how much you look like Adam Levine. Weird.
PSS – Damn, I can’t believe I just broke up with you! It’s okay though, plenty of other book hero hotties to chase after… right?  Yeah, okay… it’s gonna be okay… *sobs*

If you didn’t “get” my letter, it is composed 100% from Maroon 5 lyrics (except the “Dear Bones” and the PS & PSS parts), sung by dreamy lead singer Adam Levine.  Sexy, sexy, make-you-melt voice, badass cocky attitude, and a smile that could charm a garden gnome.   Mmmmmm MMM!  You’re welcome.  *grin*

Here are the songs I, er, borrowed lyrics from…

  • How
  • Shiver
  • Get Back In My Life
  • Moves Like Jagger
  • Better That We Break
  • Out of Goodbyes


Does Bones… or Adam Levine… make YOU shiver?



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