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Micro-Review: Willing Sacrifice (Knights of the Boardroom #6) by Joey W. Hill

Willing Sacrifice (Knights Of The Boardroom #6)Willing Sacrifice by Joey W. Hill

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Every story in the Knights of the Boardroom universe seems to top the one before it… in intensity, writing quality, and that je nai se quoi that makes an excellent story stand out and stick in your memory. Willing Sacrifice, the book showcasing Janet and Max’s journey, exceeded all my expectations and left me feeling like the series could end here (and it may) and it would be the ideal conclusion.

In previous books, I didn’t get a real sense of who Janet was and Max was just a face that stood out among the secondary players. In Willing Sacrifice, I loved Janet as the heroine and Max was my ideal romantic hero: military fit and trained, confident but not overbearing, able to both follow and lead, and willing to do whatever is needed for his woman. If you have not yet read a Joey W. Hill novel, you are missing out on worlds of adventures, family, and emotions strong enough to leave you always wanting more.

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