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A very special Valentines Day interview & gìveaway (INT) with Joey W. Hill & the Vampire Queen series characters

This Valentine’s Day, we have a very special treat for you…

Vampire Queen series author Joey Hill is visiting with us today, and she brought along a few friends. Actually, she brought me to them and you can read all about it below!

If you’re already a fan of the Vampire Queen series, go ahead and jump right in to the interivew!  Because this is no quick read (it’s over 11,000 words and 21 pages long), we’ve provided download links for the document in PDF, MOBI (Kindle), and EPUB (Nook, iBooks, Stanza).  Go ahead and transfer it to your ereader, then get cozy for a good half hour of reading.  This interview takes place AFTER Bound By the Vampire Queen and the Gideon/Daegan One-on-One vignette (which can be found on the JWHconnection fan forum) and does contain spoilers for all 5 books+the vignette concerning the characters Lyssa, Jacob, Gideon, Anwyn, and Daegan.  If you have not read that far yet and don’t want any spoilers, feel free to download the interview and read it at your leisure later, then come back and tell us what you thought!

If you have NOT read any of Joey’s VQS books, and you’re a fan of erotica, menage, bondage, and D/s, you absolutely must check them out!  Feel free to read the interview, just be aware you’re going to get a boatload of spoilers.  =)  If you’d rather start at the beginning, Jacob and Lyssa’s story starts with The Vampire Queen’s Servant and the Gideon trinity story starts with Vampire Mistress.  Follow the links to check out our reviews of those books.

One more thing, then I promise I’ll let you get to it!

Today, Joey is offering a special giveaway for our GraveTells subscribers.  Not a subscriber?  No problem!  You can sign up via the Rafflecopter widget below.  This giveaway is for a signed copy of any title in Joey’s library and is open to US and International readers! More details below!

Without further ado, here is our in-depth interview with Joey, Lyssa, Jacob, Gideon, Anwyn, and Daegan, featuring some new information (even for existing VQS lore buffs!) and a few steamy peeks into what they’re  up to this Valentine’s Day evening…

Download (PDF, 320KB)

Download the ebook versions here:

Just a reminder…

If you’ve mowed your way through Joey’s vampires, or if you’d like to read some more traditional paranormal fare from her with a lighter erotic touch, Berkley has just released the first book in her new Arcane Shot Series. Something About Witches has a prickly witch heroine who runs a gun shop and a cowboy sorcerer hero who wears dragon skin boots. Who can resist that? Excerpt and blurb can be found here. The book has already earned an RT Top Pick rating! Excerpts for all of her books can be found at her website, www.storywitch.com.

A special thanks…

… goes out to the following members of the JWHConnection fan forum, who submitted questions for this interview: Moira, Pat, Maria, & River.

If you just can’t get enough Joey, you’ll find a plethora of kindred souls over at JWHConnection.com, where you can chat about the books and series, read unpublished vignettes that revisit characters from the full-length works (including the Gideon-Daegan One-on-One that precedes this interview), see Joey’s upcoming appearances, grab yourself a custom signature graphic featuring your favorite character from her books, or try out the new scent collections inspired by the most popular books and characters from Joey’s published works.  Go here to register, then start exploring!

About the author

Joey W. Hill writes about vampires, mermaids, boardroom executives, cops, witches, angels, simple housemaids… If there’s an erotic love story to be told, she’ll take the plunge. As a result, she’s proud and humbled to have four series and almost thirty award-winning and highly acclaimed titles, as well as the support and enthusiasm of a wonderful and widely diverse readership. In 2009, she was nominated for a Career Achievement award in Erotica by Romantic Times.She has become known for writing the type of erotic romance that not only wins her fans of that genre, but readers who would “never” read BDSM romance. That’s because first and foremost, she thinks what attracts a reader is strong characters.
“Whatever genre you’re writing, if the characters are compelling and sympathetic, the readers are going to want to see what happens to them. While I strive to make sure my work includes essential elements of the storytelling craft – tight plot, engaging dialogue, etc. – if the character development isn’t there, there isn’t much point in reading. It can be the coolest plot ever, but if the reader could care less whether the hero or heroine survive (in fact, in some cases you may be rooting for their destruction just so you can be done with the darn thing), then it’s not a story worth reading.” 

Why is that? She believes that our world is an ironically isolating one. Humans have overrun the planet, armed with a plethora of communication tools. Yet we feel very alone in our own heads, trying to make a connection with someone. The “ah, there you are – where have you been?” person. The person who gives us an anchor, but also the courage to release our tedious baggage to embrace ourselves fully.

That’s what she seeks to accomplish in every story. Bringing characters together who have numerous emotional obstacles standing in their way, watching them reach a soul-deep understanding of one another through the expression of their darkest sexual needs, and then growing from that understanding into love.

So why erotic romance? “Writing great erotic romance is all about exploring the true face of who we are – the best and worst – which typically comes out in the most vulnerable moments of sexual intimacy.” Who wouldn’t want to write about that?

How does she accomplish that? She suspects it’s the perfection of a Vulcan mind meld with the characters, which takes an effective mix of manic depression, schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive behavior that would make “Monk” look like a light weight. Not to mention the broad streak of romanticism that forms an asphalt four-lane highway through her heart. It’s a tendency that sends her back to her favorite book and movie scenes for toe-curling or tear-inducing inspiration. (Her husband reports this with loving resignation, since he’s often called upon to stoically endure the movie scenes and hold her hand while she weeps through the mushy parts.)

Take the plunge with her, and don’t hesitate to let her know what you think of her work, good or bad. She thrives on feedback!

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Would you like to win a signed copy of one of Joey’s books, any title in her library? (domestic OR international entries fine!) Leave a comment telling us what your favorite part of the interview was, or (if you haven’t yet read it for spoiler reasons) leave a comment for Joey, then fill out the Rafflecopter. Be sure you’re subscribed to GraveTells email updates (you can sign up here) and provide your subscription email address in the widget below. Don’t forget to activate your subscription! Enjoy the interview and good luck!
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