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Daring You To Read: Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Daring You To Read (meme)
Daring You To Read (meme)


I dare you to read Darkfever…

…book #1 in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning!

After learning of her sister Alina’s mysterious murder, MacKayla Lane (better known as  just Mac) heads to Ireland determined to find out what happened and get her retribution.  At the tender age of 22, she doesn’t exactly have a plethora of survival skills but there just might be some fairly handly super-secret abilities that even she doesn’t know about.  On her quest to track down details of her sister’s sudden death, Mac teams up with an unlikely (and sometimes suspiciously nefarious) yet darkly appealing partner.  Chaos ensues as they begin the dangerous journey to finish Alina’s final task among the unsettling Unseelie fae.

If you’re a little lukewarm after Darkfever, KEEP READING THE SERIES!  If the word “Barrons” doesn’t have you thinking naughty things and jonzing for cake, you haven’t read far enough.  Trust me, it’s SO worth it!  And believe me, I wasn’t sad at all to see Rainbow Mac 1.0 go bye-bye as Dublin literally destructs into madness.

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