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Midnight Breed Week & Giveaway (US): Meet Kade

Name: Kade 

Age: Younger than three hundred years old, the age of his uncle Maksim.

Physical Description: Spiky raven, jet black hair, golden skin, penetrating, hypnotic, silver eyes, erotic, otherworldly dermaglyph tattoos of variegated hues across his arms, shoulders, torso, and thighs.

Special Powers: Ability to connect psychically with predatory animals and direct their actions with a single thought.

Personality Type/Quirks: Kade is wildly passionate, intensely caring, and has a fiercely protective nature. He knows the difference between right and wrong and even though he feels his parents are disappointed in him for joining the Order, the real reason he left the Darkhaven was to flee from the darker nature of his brother, not wanting to rat his brother out.

Spotlighted in: Shades of Midnight (Midnight Breed series #7) by Lara Adrian

Mated to: Alexandra Mcguire

Memorable Quotes (from Shades of Midnight): 

“If this were Siberia,” Kade added once the street got quiet again, “our balls would be jingling like sleigh bells and we’d be pissing ice cubes. Boston in November is a picnic.”

“It’s about ten below out there. A man could freeze off something vital,” he said, having the nerve to quirk his lips into an amused half smile. “My clothes are inside. As you can see, I wasn’t dressed for company. Or for a shoot-out on the tundra.”

“I walked. On snowshoes, of course.”

“You asked me in the bar if I was a good guy or a bad guy,”…”That’s not my call to make, Alex. Maybe you’ll find I’m some of both. The way I look at the world, everything is just a different shade of gray.”

Extra info: The dynamic between Kade and his brother Seth gives Kade a vulnerability that sets him apart from the other breed males. The constant internal struggle to protect his brother has the reader sympathizing with him, wanting to comfort him after he kicks his brother’s butt of course. In addition, his ability to connect with animals is very intriguing. It developed sort of a shifter aspect to a series that is vampire driven.

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