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GraveTells Readers Choice 2012 Nominee Spotlight: Most Original Story Universe

When we announced the nominees for the Book & Series Awards earlier this week, I contacted all the authors who were nominated for Most Original Story Universe and offered them the chance to be part of this spotlight event. The highlighted books and series in this event are participating authors who chose a blogger to represent them, to show the rest of us the awesomeness we’ve been missing out on in 2012. Below are the nominees and their enthusiastic blogger representatives…

The nominees…

Click the series name below for a link to its own dedicated page, where you can learn more about ’em!

Selection guidelines…

Nominees in the Most Original Story Universe category were chosen using the following criteria…

  • The inaugural story in the series was published no earlier than December 2011 and was reviewed on GraveTells.com in 2012 OR
  • Multiple (2+) stories in the series were published in 2012, at least 2 of those were reviewed on GraveTells.com in 2012, and the series has never been nominated for this award before
  • World-building and story setting was memorable as being fresh and unique, as expressed by the reviewer in her GraveTells review of the stories


Let’s hear from the bloggers!

Kelly M. @ Books-n-Kisses on Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors story universe

Vampires, Witches, Shifters, and Demons oh my………

The Dark Protector series is a very complex series. Complex but not confusing. Each of the characters you meet in this series adds value to the world. There is not one character that I have read about who seems to be lacking or not holding their own. Each of these characters has a unique skill, talent, or power. But then you add in the fact that once they finally find their mate, they are able to share their skill, talent, or power.

The Dark Protector series is filled with strong, determined, and loyal alpha male types. But even these alpha’s know who the true alpha is and have no problem following their King.

While I love the whole alpha male character, I love heroines who can stand up to them. The women in this series are no push overs, they are just as strong, determined, and loyal as the males with the added bonus of being able to bring these alpha’s to their knees. Even the youngest of the females has all these alphas completely wrapped around her little finger.

What makes the DP series so unique is Rebecca’s ability to explain the important facets about the world and characters. To suck you in to the world of The Dark Protectors so that you feel you are a part of it. To leave you with a serious case of book hangover when you are done. In short, this series is just AWESOME!

Visit Kelly M. online at Books-n-Kisses


Amy V. @ Unwrapping Romance on Pamela Palmer’s Vamp City story universe

Washington, V.C. – Vamp City – a dark dilapidated mirror image of our beautiful, life-filled Nation’s Capital, is a place where screams of terror rent the night, sadistic creatures feed on fear and sex, and humans are toys as well as food. Created by a sorcerer’s magic that’s beginning to crack and crumble from the inside out, only one woman may hold the secret to preventing the invisible walls from falling permanently and putting the human race in jeopardy. If you like your paranormal romance dark and menacing with images that make you tremble and check the shadows, then this is a must read. A BLOOD SEDUCTION, a Vamp City novel by Pamela Palmer is a unique, extraordinary, and exquisitely mind twisting paranormal filled with passionate tension and dark images that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading – for this tale makes FIFTY SHADES OF GREY look like a fairy tale.

Visit Amy online at UnwrappingRomance.blogspot.com


Paige Nolley on Sara King’s Guardians of the First Realm story universe

In her Guardians of the First Realm series, Sara King has created the most unique, original story universe I have seen this year. And I read a LOT. Her characters break every mold and stereotype you can think of, and by the end of each book, all the reader wants is MORE. In book one, we have a Woman of Unusual Size (who may not be quite human, though she doesn’t know it…yet) paired with a vertically challenged wereverine (a wereverine?!) who thinks in poetic loveliness, but speaks and acts like an idiotic, bumbling oaf. In book two, we focus on a massive Djinni-poet and a tiny, virginal, mass-murdering angel-werewolf. I hear rumors that book three is about a spandex and fanny-pack wearing, incredibly effete, Native American rain god. Can we say, “Holy character depth, Batman?”

And it isn’t just the characters and the wild plots that make this series so epic. Here we have one of few books to take place in Alaska (and I mean ALL OVER Alaska–with manhunts and epic battles!), along with an amalgamation of every myth and legend you can think of. We have Furies smacking Djinnis around, werewolves, a Native American god or two, succubi, werewolves…You get the idea…all divvied up among which of the five Realms they belong to.

Unique. Original. Epic. Deep characters. Seriously, y’all. Read this one, vote for it, love it as much as I do. You won’t regret it.

Visit Paige online at PaigeNolley.wordpress.com


Sheila H. @ Dark Faerie Tales on Hailey Edward’s Araneae Nation story universe

The world of Araneae is a mesmerizing web of deadly grace and harsh beauty intertwined into a landscape fit for its inhabitant’s spider-like qualities. The Veil is the defining barrier between the harsh Northern lands, unfit for farming, and the sultry Southern climes that reap the rewards of more fertile plains. The various Matriarchal Clans of each region have allegiances through marriage but no overall ruler, instead relying on treaties and bonding for a larger and more stable power base. Each individual clan uses the talents particular to them in order to specialize their work and barter for what they cannot provide for themselves. This arrangement is as delicate as the silk that each Araneaean can produce from their fingertips. The interdependency may allow for prosperity but leaves each clan open to vulnerabilities.

Araneaeans are as complex and diversified as the land itself. Each individual is not necessarily reflective of their clan. The higher up on the food chain, the less freedom of choice is available; their duty to the clan overriding any personal preferences. But when there is a true match, they may choose to bind their soul’s thread together so that when one dies so the other may follow. The people are both romantic and morbid at the same time, mirroring the unforgiving landscape around them.

Araneae may make some wary, but it is a quiet hunter. It creeps within one’s mind without provocation, anchoring down and then winding its way around your heart. When you do leave, the remnants of its presence are felt like the strands of webbing blowing gently in the wind. All of these facets of Araneae make it by far the most original story universe I have read in years.

Visit Sheila online at DarkFaerieTales.com

Thank you SO MUCH to Kelly, Amy, Paige, and Sheila for helping make this event so great!! <3 to you all and best of luck to the authors!

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