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ome authors just resonate with a reader. Whether we identify with their writing style, their usual type of hero or heroine, or whether they just make us feel, we’re inevitably drawn to them, and they have the ability to really influence and move us. Identifying what your “type” of author is, is the first step to really getting hooked on PNR. Can’t decide where to start? As your resident book-crack dealers, we’re happy to give you a free taste…

DVK recommends…


Nalini Singh

Shifters and Psy, angels and vampires… those are the prolific worlds of Nalini Singh’s potent imagination. Best known for her Psy-Changeling series, Ms. Singh has created two completely different universes where strength and cunning reign supreme, and society rides a knife edge of chaos. The shifters of the Dark River and Snow Dancer packs are dynamic, intense, and memorable, and their multi-book plot arc is both riveting and remains an unfolding mystery.

In the Guild Hunter series, Archangel Raphael and his Cadre of 7 are a force to be reckoned with, ruling over New York with an iron fist and skirting the edges of a brutal power struggle for control of the mortal world.
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Joey W. Hill

The author of 5 scorching-hot different series, Ms. Hill is a master of writing passion with depth, crafting the psychology of pleasure with pain, and exploring the reality of alternative relationships and lifestyles seldom seen in PNR/UF. Her Vampire Queen series will move you and tempt you to push your own boundaries, leaving you aching both physically and emotionally.

Joey Hill is paranormal erotica at its absolute best – it doesn’t get any better than this! Fainting lilies beware: this material is raw and intense, and is suitable only for open-minded adults who desire a little extra edge in their PNR/UF… ok, a LOT extra edge!
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The Captain recommends…


Patricia Briggs

Ms. Briggs’s books fall into my category of must-owns and will-be-read-repeatedly’s. She has created a rich world, and doesn’t violate the rules of that world even when the consequences are harsh and rather, well, horrible, for the characters. Each novel has been a thrill ride: fun, unexpected, awesome fleshed out characters, mysteries to solve, romance, and hot alpha males that don’t overwhelm their ladies. The female protagonists in these series are so damn likable and relateable that you’re cheering and crying for them at every twist and turn of the plot (as in “No, Mercy! Don’t! Aack! Crap! How the HELL is she going to get out of this!” or “Anna, that’s a frickin’ bad idea babe. I know you’re uber tough and all, but please don’t do this to me!”). The characters never feel like they’ve become stagnant and the mythos continues to grow.
Add her to your TBR list today. But get your hands on every book, because you won’t be able to stop with just one. And that’s the Captain’s promise..

Keri Arthur

Keri Arthur, is an Aussie with a wicked sense of humor and prolific writing ability. The Riley Jensen series starring well, duh, Riley Jensen (half werewolf, half vampire, all hot and smexy lady) is not to be missed for UF fans. The Smex Beam is in full on automatic weapons mode in these books (9 in all) and you will enjoy and bookmark them all. In Riley’s world, sex is to be celebrated. Often. With joyful abandon. And the men in her life are hot, sexy as hell, and only too willing to oblige. Now, don’t go thinking its all sex, cause it isn’t. There’s a solid believable world built around this character with tons of action and mystery to boot. Ms. Arthur has a new series starting starring a secondary character from the Riley novels called the Dark Angels series and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!


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Currently, GraveTells is looking for a few good men… er, women… er, whatever!… to contribute to The Feed’s reviews and news posts, and to help beta test our new community features. [floatquote]Currently, GraveTells is looking for a few good men… er, women… er, whatever![/floatquote]
If have some free time, are creatively inspired, and would like to get in on the ground floor of an excellent new PNR community
, contact DVK with some info about you and what role you would like to fulfill. =)

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