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August 2013
Contemporary Romance

Micro-Review: Tempted By Two by Portia Da Costa

Overall, Tempted By Two is a fun, smutty read about a holiday dalliance between an artist, his live-in author boyfriend, and a visiting lady tourist. The story is light on plot and heavy on sex and had a heavy British feel, in ...
Paranormal Romance

Micro-Review: Hers To Command (Verdantia #1) by Patricia A. Knight

The prologue is a bit of an information dump, giving the reader a condensed version of the planet's history and the reason for the Tetriatch. It's a little difficult to follow all the unfamiliar lingo and references but is valu...

Paranormal Romance

Early Book Review: Rush (Phoenix Rising #3) by Joan Swan

Rush is an emotional roller coaster of a ride and a satisfying third installment in Joan Swan's Phoenix Rising series! Quaid and Jessica's story is a must-read!