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Reviews by Buffy
Paranormal Romance

Book Review: Primal Law (Alpha Pack #1) by J.D. Tyler

A diverse Urban Fantasy with action, heat, and lovable characters, Primal Law is a compelling read that landed itself among my favorites. I wasn’t able to put it down once I got started and was so emotionally connecte...
Paranormal Romance

Review: Second Chances (Destiny’s Desire #1) by Kathy Ivan

Second Chances has an intriguing premise and if you are looking for a story about soul mates and closure in grief, give this one a shot. Ultimately it just didn’t captivate me, so GraveTells says eh, whatever.

Paranormal Romance

Review: Cold Mercy (Northern Wolves #1) by Sadie Hart

Compelling and endearing, Cold Mercy is a fun, interesting ride. If you want to get lost in a story about the Fae, shifters learning to control their new instincts that they never asked for, and humans getting caught up in the ...
Contemporary Romance

Book Review: Pick Your Pleasure (Pick Your Pleasures #1) by Jayne Rylon

Not your average romance book or club experience, Pick Your Pleasure is sure to be a sexy and fun read, and pretty different than anything you’ve probably read before. I recommend any contemporary romance fan give it a...

January 2013

Review: Shifting Pride (Shifting Pride #1) by Laura Diamond

Sixteen year old Nickie refuses to give up on her father, whom is believed to be dead by everyone else. Having gone missing nearly a year ago, some strange things have begun to happen in his absence. Meeting the new hottie in s...
Black Meadow Pack

Review: Sharp Change (Black Meadow Pack #1) by Milly Taiden

Sophia is a geneticist studying the shifter gene after her sister was changed into a wolf shifter. In a freak accident in the lab, she’s infused with the genes of both a cat and a wolf. Chase is the pack alpha and he’s pathetic...

Araneae Nation

ARC Review: A Feast of Souls (Araneae Nation #2) by Hailey Edwards

Mana can communicate with the dead, but she’s out of her depth when a soul attaches itself to a canis and declares himself an old friend’s long dead father. What’s worse is that she’s stuck with Vaughn and can’t tell him where...
1Night Stand

Review: Lightning (1Night Stand series) by Taryn Kincaid

Lily is a traumatized succubus after putting her prom night lover into a coma with amazing sex. She’s steered clear of mortals since, afraid of hurting them... plus she knocks out the power whenever she has sex thanks to the li...


Review: Soul Weaver (Wicked Kin #1) by Hailey Edwards

Suffering from agoraphobia after a horrific car accident, Chloe lives at her bookstore and spends her nights plagued by nightmares. A mysterious stranger, Nathaniel, offers her some help, but she senses there’s something more t...
"Must Read"s

Review: Cry Sanctuary (Shifter Town Enforcement #2) by Sadie Hart

Holly has a unique insight into a serial killer that is haunting Sanctuary Falls, having once escaped his clutches herself. Due to that event, the werewolf has made her his ultimate target and changed his game to taunt her. Cai...