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Reviews by Chanel
September 2012

Review: Shadowed Soul (a 1Night Stand short) by Stacey Kennedy

Brokenhearted, Ellie signs up with a one-night stand dating service to help her get back in the dating groove. When her date turns out to be a hunk named Bryce, the night is off to a good start. What attracts Bryce to Ellie, mo...
Vampire Romance

Review: Nightfall (Vampire Romance #2) by Norah Wilson

When vampire hunter Aiden Afflack recruits photographer Sam Shae in his quest to capture and kill rogue killers, he didn't mean to put her life in danger. Sam Shae's visions are becoming more frequent and definitely more distu...

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Review: Rogue’s Pawn (Covenant of Thorns #1) by Jeffe Kennedy

Haunted by a recurring nightmare of a black dog and in a 'heart-numbing' relationship, the heroine of Rogue's Pawn accidently incites a spell and falls into a different world. Now caught in a whirlwind of magic and strange peop...
Reviews by Chanel

Review: The Devil’s Angel by Danica Winters

Sarah works for a lingerie company, so of course for the Halloween costume party thrown by her boss Mike, all of the employees have to wear Halloween themed lingerie. The story starts off with her tugging at her corset, straigh...

Zombies In Vegas

Review: Living is Overrated (Edge series, Zombies in Vegas #3) by Olivia Starke

Detective Rodriguez's life is about to change in one night. When he offers a beautiful stranger a place to crash and his body, her payment is not what he expects. Living Is Overrated is worth a look!
Divine Temptations Trilogy

Review: Divinely Ruined (Divine Temptations #1) by Diane Alberts

Rebecca's sucky life made it easy to accept the proposal to become an angel. Unfortunately she is not quite angelic material. Charged with saving Tony Weis’ soul in order to earn her wings, she rushes head first into the single...

*Not part of a series*

Review: Perpetual Light by Jordan K. Rose

Lucia Dicomano is a Pharo of Redemption, the divine slayer responsible for delivering souls into salvation. Lucia reincarnates over and over, each time learning more about her powers. She turns to Vittorio the one she’s never ...
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Review: Craved (Gwen Sparks #1) by Stephanie Nelson

Gwen Sparks, a witch who owns a small magic shop in the outworldly town of Flora, WA, is thrust into the middle of crime solving when witches begin to turn up dead. Her ability to read the newly dead’s last thoughts is instrume...

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Review: Aladdin’s Samovar (Samovar Mysteries #1) by Lauren Sweet

Thrust into a chaotic adventure that includes her quirky hippie mother, a wayward genie, an indignant dwarf and her father, who is either a hero or a man that could potentially cause the end of the world, Amber Polaski finds sh...