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Not recommended
Contemporary Romance

Early Book Review: Manwhore (Manwhore #1) by Katy Evans

Billionaire playboy pursues conflicted reporter. Cliffhanger ending. Awash in New Adult tropes. Did not like it.
Paranormal Romance

Review: Second Chances (Destiny’s Desire #1) by Kathy Ivan

Second Chances has an intriguing premise and if you are looking for a story about soul mates and closure in grief, give this one a shot. Ultimately it just didn’t captivate me, so GraveTells says eh, whatever.

Ciara Knight

Review: Weighted (The Neumarian Chronicles Book 1) by Ciara Knight

Held captive following the war of 2185, Raeth is fearing interrogation, torture, and a slow and painful death. Her only chance is a potential ally in the Queen’s daughter, but what can she trust when they’re using mind alterati...
1Night Stand

Review: Double Dragon Seduction (A 1Night Stand short) by Kali Willows

What Gwen really needs for her birthday this year is a hot, unattached, one night stand. Luckily, she knows just the right person to call for the connection. Tatsu and Yong need a woman that can handle both of them along with t...

August 2012

Review: Special Offers (The Coursodon Dimension Series #1) by M.L. Ryan

In an attempt to save her poor bookshelves from buckling under the weight of her growing book collection, Hailey Parrish caves and buys herself a brand new eBook reader. But Hailey's new Kindle comes pre-loaded with something s...
Ada Adams

Review: ReVamped (Angel Creek #1) by Ada Adams

Nineteen year old Dawn is a Born vampire and sheltered daughter of the vampire President. She’s trained all of her life as a warrior and has finally been given her first mission outside of her dad’s presidential compound. Dawn ...


Review: Hellbound (Guardians of the Seven Seals #2) by Berinn Rae

TLDR Recap: Orion, shifter and alpha of all hellhounds, is on a mission to eradicate his archenemy Cellach. Also a hellhound, Cellach is creating an army of wraiths; lizard-like hellhound crossbreeds with the goal of killing Or...
Enchanted Bookstore Legends

Review: Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legends #1) by Marsha A. Moore

After the loss of her parents and the end of her marriage, Lyra McCauley decides to travel north for the summer to Lake Huron, to visit and care for her Aunt Jean, who is battling cancer. There she meets Cullen Drake, the owner...

Battle For Souls

Review: Rise From Darkness (Battle For Souls #1) by Ciara Knight

With archaic powers of an angel and the self-control of a toddler, Alexander is on the fallen angel fast-track to Hell. Seeking redemption and a second chance to ascend, he saves a girl from a torturous death by some local demo...
April 2012

Review: Craved (Gwen Sparks #1) by Stephanie Nelson

Gwen Sparks, a witch who owns a small magic shop in the outworldly town of Flora, WA, is thrust into the middle of crime solving when witches begin to turn up dead. Her ability to read the newly dead’s last thoughts is instrume...