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Ada Adams

Review: ReVamped (Angel Creek #1) by Ada Adams

Nineteen year old Dawn is a Born vampire and sheltered daughter of the vampire President. She’s trained all of her life as a warrior and has finally been given her first mission outside of her dad’s presidential compound. Dawn ...
Ashlynn Monroe

Review: The Vampire’s Plaything (A The Edge short) by Ashlynn Monroe

Zoe Brownstone is overwhelmed with emotion and memories when she finds herself kidnapped for Hayden Beck, the master vampire. But the emotions aren’t as terrifying as you might think, and the memories are from a life that can’t...

Bonfire Academy

Review: Initiation (Bonfire Acedemy #1) by Imogen Rose

TLDR Recap: The Bonfire Academy is a school for young (or new) paranormals to learn their powers and how to control them. It’s set in the Alpine mountains and is NOT a place for humans. So when half-human Faustine shows up at t...
Amber Sweetapple

Review: Jack and Djinn (The Houri Legends #1) by Amber Sweetapple

Miriam’s life is a disaster; what remaining family she has left in the world wants nothing to do with her, and the boyfriend she’s been with for years has become physically abusive. On top of that, Miriam starts to develop stra...

Fighting Destiny

Review: Born to Darkness (Fighting Destiny #1) by Suzanne Brockmann

There’s a secret drug epidemic and war brewing. The new designer-drug Destiny enables the user to stay young forever and causes the development of a vast array of dangerous mind abilities that, more often than not, cause murder...
July 2012

Review: Living is Overrated (Edge series, Zombies in Vegas #3) by Olivia Starke

Detective Rodriguez's life is about to change in one night. When he offers a beautiful stranger a place to crash and his body, her payment is not what he expects. Living Is Overrated is worth a look!

Amanda J. Greene

Review: Caressed by Night (Rulers of Darkness #2) by Amanda J. Greene

Dimitri Arsov is the last remaining pure vampire around, and for the past 400 years, the supernatural world has believed him to be dead. Now he has reappeared to get revenge on the person who tried to kill him centuries ago. Ke...
June 2012

Review: Entangled (Spellbound #1) by Nikki Jefford

17 year old Graylee Perez and her twin sister, Charlene, are witches. After a spell goes horribly wrong, Gray dies and finds herself somehow sharing Charlene’s body. Gray will need the help of bad-boy Raj McKenna to find a solu...

An Erotic Fantasy

Review: The Binding (An Erotic Fantasy #1) by Lesa Fuchs-Carter

Brit, an ordinary college professor, decides to go Christmas tree shopping one evening. There, she runs into Isaac, a feverish and sexy beast with a secret brimming just under his skin. GraveTells thinks The Binding is...
*Not part of a series*

ARC Review: Diary of a Vampire Stripper by Cinsearae S.

Audra needs money for college and she finds herself taking a job as a stripper to help makeends meet at the Hoochie Coochie Club. Of all the freaks and geeks in the place she manages to attract the attention of Darren, a real d...