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Review: Death of Innocence (The Foxworth Coven #1) by Kayden McLeod

Wrongly spurned and turned out into the streets by her family, Canya is taken in by Gregory, heir to a successful shipping business and a respected gentleman around town. Death of Innocence is the saga of Canya and Gr...

Review: Dark Obsession (Immortal Realms #2) by Suzanne Rock

Werewolf Catherine has a mission that involves playing a part in a fey king's traveling kingdom. Her fey partner Talen has been at her side for many years, more years than the lover that left her so long ago. Javier is a powerf...

*Not part of a series*

Review: Omarati by D.C. Juris

An enslaved werewolf who has been serving the same family since the Shifter War, Calliph has been well treated. He is living as the main servant of Obyn, the son of the man who owns him, when a chance meeting on board a ship w...
November 2011

Review: Frost Moon (Skindancer Series # 1) by Anthony Francis

As a magical tattoo artist and skin dancer, Dakota Frost is not only powerful, she's smart, resourceful, and a little too big for her britches. When some real life MIB's come to her for help solving a case involving a serial k...

Book Tour

Review: The Legacy of Kilkenny (Legacy series #1) by Devyn Dawson

Abel Casey gets more than he bargained for during his junior year of high school when the mysterious and gorgeous Prudence Phelan, known as Pru, moves to town. Not only does he learn that she is a werewolf, but Pru also reveals...
Angela Benedetti

Review: A Hidden Magic (Sentinels series #1) by Angela Benedetti

When psychotic Rory goes to meet his friend Manny for breakfast, he has to be really careful where he's looking so he doesn't see all sorts of fairy tale creatures. Next thing he knows, goblins are trying to eat him, and Manny'...

*Not part of a series*

Review: The Grave Watchers by Missouri Dalton

Sebastien Crowle is one of the Grave Watchers, Death's own Men In Black spook squad. Selected by Death herself, the Grave Watchers protect the rest of the dead and punish transgressors with swift, sure justice. Sebastien, howe...
August 2011

Review: Blue Twilight (Wings in the Night series #11), by Maggie Shayne

TLDR recap: Mad Maxie Stuart and her best friend, Stormy Jones, are starting their own private investigations agency, with a twist – they investigate paranormal and supernatural cases. An old friend calls to ask them to find hi...

August 2011
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from Entangled Publishing
from Entangled Publishing

ARC Review: The Last Rising (Curse of the Phoenix series #1), by Rachel Firasek

TLDR recap: Still paying penance for a grave and unfortunate mistake made thousands of years ago, Ice is a phoenix who saves lives by sacrificing her own.  With each save she makes, she must go through the torturous process of ...
*Not part of a series*

Review: Dark Leopard Magic, by Sapphire Phelan

TLDR recap: Orphaned a 16, Dev has lead a difficult and lonely life as a transient wereleopard shifter.  Montsho, alpha of his African wereleopard pard, has known only women and is uncomfortably surprised to find that the ...