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Tigris Eden

Book tour & Giveaway (US/Int): Enslaved in Shadow’s Royce on movies and sports

Meet the Shadow Unit's Royce!
A lot of people have said great things about me, but in all fairness. I should probably tell you the really bad stuff about me. Right? Wrong! Why would I do that? I would ruin all my stree...

Giveaway (US): The cast of The Vampire Shrink, on love triangles and things that go bump in the night

Please help me welcome The Vampire Shrink author Lynda Hilburn and her special guests!

  Lynda Hilburn: Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for having us here. Today I’m interviewing Dr. Kismet Knight, master vampir...


Giveaway: Desperate Surrender’s Kieran on being immortal and falling in love

Please help me welcome Desperate Surrender author Hildie McQueen and Protector Kieran!
It’s late in the day and quite cool in Midtown, Atlanta as I huddle in the booth of a small café waiting for Protector, Kieran Fras...

Character Q&A: Touch’s Kale on his new favorite foods and how NOT to order them

Hey guys! I’m so excited to be hanging out here today with Kale. Kale, until recently, lived his life in the captivity of the Denazen Corporation. He was unable to touch another living thing without destroying it. I’ve convince...

The Feed

Giveaway (US/Int): Diane Alberts interrogates… er, chats with a foul-mouthed angel and a charming single dad

Hello, everyone! I’m Diane Alberts, and today I’m interviewing the sassy, fiery, fond-of-cursing aspiring angel, Rebecca, and the charming, teasing, irresistible human, Tony, who tempts her to fall for him. Both of these wonder...

Giveaway (US/Int): Laura Kaye’s Russian Vampire King is steamin’ up the screen!

Character Profile: Meet Nikolai Vasilyev Are you a reader who just loves tortured heroes? If so, we have a lot in common, and I’ve got a treat for you today! Get prepared to get up close and personal with the hero of my dark...

Urban Fantasy Cat

Hijinks & mysteries: Just how smoochable is a sexy genie in a bott… er, samovar?

Hi, this is Lauren Sweet, coming to you live from—well, let’s just say we’re not in Jersey anymore. In fact, we’re in one of those states where there are big spaces between the towns, and hardly any malls. West Virginia? Kentuc...
Urban Fantasy Cat

Book Tour & Giveaway: Getting to know Hurricane’s Luke with author Jenna-Lynne Duncan

Character Interview: Luke Boudreaux Character profile: Name: Luke Boudreaux Age: 18 Place of Birth: Overseas Hair Colour/Eye Colour: light brown/hazel eyes. Hi Luke! Thank so much for agreeing to do this interview. ...


Giveaway: A look inside A Hint of Frost with author Hailey Edwards and her sexy, silk-spinning cast

Releasing today, A Hint of Frost is a sweet and sexy fantasy romance about a woman who's forced to take up ruling her clan following an attack on her home, with a new ally and protector by her side. The races are based on spid...