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Paranormal Romance

Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Vanity, by IMP

My Dearest Korbin,

Now that Cade has finally gotten over his obsession with revenge and has settled down with his mate, I have hopes that you come to the conclusion that women are not something to be toyed with. ...
Paranormal Romance

Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Permission, by DaVinciKittie

Sweet Micah,

Before you met Sam, things were really rough for you. I know what you wanted when you struck that deal with Apostle. I know how you longed for something you thought you couldn't have. If I'd been the...

Paranormal Romance

Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Respect, by Buffy

Dearest Wrath,

You don’t know me, but I’ve seen you from afar and read all about you – but not in a stalkerish way (honest).

I just want you to know that you are a truly honorable male. You’ve o...
Paranormal Romance

Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Obsession, by Rachel

Dear Daemon,

I thought I’d write my love letter to you this year. I know you’re used to girls turning into incoherent, drooling piles of goo around you, so this letter definitely won’t help your ego, which so doe...

Ramblings & Musings

GraveTells on vacashunz next week!

For the first time in GT's history, we are officially taking a vacation! From tomorrow through next Saturday (5/20-5/26) there will be no new posts on GraveTells.com and any emails sent to DVK are unlikely to go answered... ...
Ramblings & Musings
Eh, whatever.
Eh, whatever.
Eh, whatever.

To 3 or not to 3, that is the question…

There is a really interesting and, I think, informative blog hop happening right now at Bitten By Paranormal Romance about just what exactly makes up a "3 star" rating for each review site. The perception, from many readers, au...

Black Dagger Brotherhood

Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Temptation, by Kenra Daniels

My Dearest Vishous, You know how much I love you, yes? Any female, human or vampire, would kill to have you. Any writer would sell her soul to write you. You already know all that. You've heard it countless times. And ...
Book Boyfriend Love Letters

Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Proposal, by Rachel

Dear my future husband Prince Ash, So I decided to write my Valentine’s Day love letter to you. Because you’re awesome…and amazing and hot and sexy and-well, you get the point. When you first showed up in The Iron King, I kn...

The Feed

Oh la la! Vampire Diaries brings the sexy!

Fans of the Vampire Diaries television series will be ecstatic to see this week's Entertainment Weekly cover... s. That's right! We don't get just one luscious pic of the sexy trio, we get THREE, and you get to pick which one...
Book Boyfriend Love Letters

Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Serenade, by DaVinciKittie

This is for you, Bones, my very first book boyfriend... I have been searching for your touch, unlike any touch I've ever known. Immobilized by the thought of you, paralyzed by the sight of you, hypnotized by the words you sa...