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Aced (PresLocke #1) by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine #BookReview



Author: Ella Frank, Brooke Blaine
Title: Aced
Series: PresLocke
Book #: 1
Genre(s): Contemporary romance, gay romance
Release date: July 10, 2016
Publisher: Self-published
Length: 373 pages
Heat level: High, explicit
Review copy provided by: Purchased by reviewer
Reviewer recap: Hollywood mega action star Ace Locke is publicly gay—he came out only last year—but he's petrified of actually dating a man. The press will hound them and the poor guy's life will be so muddied, he'll probably just cut and run. but that doesn't stop Ace from wanting and wishing, and in the case of the sexy billboard he goes out of his way to pass every day, lusting. Dylan Prescott is an up-and-coming model, lucky enough to have scored a giant underwear billboard for Calvin Klein, and he's just gotten his first break in the movie business. In his first acting role, he gets to film with THE Ace Locke, the muscled giant who starred in all of his adolescent fantasies (and still does), and the man he just might be the biggest ever fan of. When Ace lets loose his asshole side at their first meeting then continues to spurn Dylan's advances on set, will they ever truly have a chance?
Writing style & finesse




Character development

Likeable/relatable characters

Plot tension

Flow & pacing

Heat &/or sexual tension

Total Score
8.8/ 10

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Posted March 15, 2017 by

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Ahh, the life of a celebrity. So glamorous. Who wouldn’t love someone watching your every move, at any given hour? I loved my job, but sometimes I wanted to go to In-N-Out at one a.m. and get a cheeseburger without everyone wondering if I was overeating to put on weight for a role or eating my feelings after having my heart broken. Seriously, sometimes I just wanted a cheeseburger.

When the book starts off with action star Ace—cocky not-so-little fucker—Locke holding up traffic to drool over a billboard of underwear model Dylan Prescott, then Ace nearly runs him over when Dylan shows up on set that day to film the same movie, you know you’re in for fireworks. Told from dual first person perspective, Aced sweeps readers along on an adventure of fame and firsts and fumbling toward a future you’ve barely dared dream about. These guys are such opposites, yet so vulnerable to each other.

And the best thing? What I’d be thinking about even days later?
It was the way he kept us connected, his cock still inside me, his hands over mine and linking our fingers, and the way he nuzzled into the crease of my shoulder and planted soft kisses there. That said more to me about what would happen next than any words he could’ve spoken. It wasn’t a quick fuck for him. And that realization had me gone.
Lost. Forever ruined by the one man I’d never expected.
I was on complete and utter Locke-down.

Ace and Dylan’s relationship blooms through the full series, and this first installment showcases the sacrifices each of them makes as he walks closer to openly dating the man of his dreams. But even for a cocky-as-hell action hero and an underwear model comfortable with his sexuality, these two take a while to get started. Once they do though, dayam! There’s a particularly memorable sequence of scenes in Las Vegas that culminated in a very public fantasy being fulfilled in a very high-end sex club. Not saying that’s my favorite part…okay, yeah that’s my favorite part. *grin*

At times I found the dialogue between Ace and Dylan to be a little stuffy or stiff, not naturally conversational (I enjoyed book #2, Locked, better than Aced), but their connection as a couple is solid and sexy, and I enjoyed following their story very much. Beware that the ending of this book is a bit of a cliff hanger. No one’s life is in jeopardy and the couple doesn’t break up, but the story definitely leaves you at a crossroads. And fiending for more PresLocke. Luckily for us, the next book (Locked) is already out, so you can just go snag it and keep reading immediately.

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