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Book Review: Misfits by Garrett Leigh



Author: Garrett Leigh
Title: Misfits
Genre(s): Contemporary romance (British), LGBT, menage
Release date: March 15, 2015
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Length: 246 pages
Heat level: moderate
Review copy provided by: Publisher, in exchange for honest review
Writing style & finesse




Character development

Likeable/relatable characters

Plot tension

Flow & pacing

Heat &/or sexual tension

Total Score
8.6/ 10

User Rating
139 total ratings


Posted April 6, 2015 by

Author Garrett Leigh serves up such an appealing, authentic foodie experience in Misfits, it’s easy to forget that restaurant umbrella company Urban Soul is only fiction: Reading Misfits left me with a craving for Pink’s paella, burgers & champagne, and Cass’s rib eye steak.

This story is layered with emotion and life choices and shared experiences. Misfits is a beautiful tribute to three very different men, the ties that but them together, and the personal quirks that set them apart. I loved the style of the storytelling: the ambling, believable pacing; the structured passing of perspective at key points in the story; and the originality about everything having to do with these three men and their relationship with one another.

“This posh enough for you?”
You sound like Cass. “Do I look too posh for a bacon sandwich?”
“Not today.”
Tom resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He’d woken up in Berkhamsted to find Cass had hidden all his smart-casual business attire in protest at their Monday apart. Tom had retaliated by stealing Cass’s only clean jeans and his favourite leather jacket.

None of the characters is perfect and each of them is compelling in his own unique way. Their sexual chemistry both in pairs and as a threesome is stellar, right hot (imagine I said that in a British accent), and their relationship is ideal for a menage story.

Speaking of—and with—a British accent, I sometimes had trouble internally verbalizing the speech quirks and slang as the story travels through the various districts in London. It didn’t put me off or diminish my enjoyment of the story but it did hit home that the author’s prose is unapologetically British and the narrative was certainly not edited with the intention to cater to Americans. Even so, I rather enjoyed my stint through London with these three colorful blokes.

“I got all my ink when I was angry.”
“Are you still angry now?”
Jake shook his head. “No. I found the cure.”
Tom traced the script, following it until it disappeared into the complex shading around Jake’s spine. Jake shivered but not like the abrupt shot of a tic that Tom was fast beginning to recognise. “And what was it? The cure, I mean.”
“Learn something. Read a book. Explore someone. Anger is just a hole where your life could be.”

Misfits also delves into the personal side of Tourette’s syndrome, a gutsy and honorable effort that gives us a glimpse into what a day (or year) in the life of someone living with this condition feels like, how they learn to cope, and how a healthy support system can be built around them.

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Misfits is…


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