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Brazen (B-Squad #1) by Avery Flynn #BookReview



Author: Avery Flynn
Title: Brazen
Series: B-Squad
Book #: 1
Genre(s): Romantic suspense, contemporary romance
Release date: June 7, 2016
Publisher: Self-published
Length: 154 pages
Heat level: High
Review copy provided by: Publicist, in exchange for honest review
Reviewer recap: Taz Hazard and Bianca Sutherland may have started off their relationship with a bang (and a forced dose of the suggestive drug Genie’s Wish), but their secret-keeping habits could truly be killer. Especially now that Bianca finally has a lead on her missing friend’s locale and she has to pretend to be a happy newlywed with Taz only hours after their relationship takes a major hit. And this is not just any mission: Taz and Bianca are going undercover at a private resort where public nudity and sex are the norm, and the kingpin of a potent mind-control drug is on the loose. Look out for scorching scenes and explosive confrontations in this first full-length novel of Avery Flynn’s B-Squad romantic suspense series. Brazen is the first novel in the B-Squad series by Avery Flynn and closely follows the events in Bullet Proof, the spin-off novella launched from Liliana Hart’s MacKenzie series.
Writing style & finesse




Character development

Likeable/relatable characters

Plot tension

Flow & pacing

Heat &/or sexual tension

Total Score
9.2/ 10

User Rating
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Great chemistry, hot scenes, memorable (and likeable) characters. All-around win!


I'd like the story to be a little longer, focus more on Taz & Bianca's mission and give the team more trials to defeat

Posted May 23, 2016 by

Full Review

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Brazen is the first novel in the B-Squad series by Avery Flynn and closely follows the events in Bullet Proof, the spin-off novella launched from Liliana Hart’s MacKenzie series.

Oh man, I love these characters!! The women are ballsy and talented; the men are strong, skilled, and dominating (yet wary of all that girl power!); and the B-Squad setup is legit. Taz and Bianca are HOT together. And they’re not afraid to show each other off to a crowd, which will be a real draw for all the exhibitionists and voyeuristic readers out there. These two are raw and dirty, and their personal scenes just sizzle.

Beauty, brains and a brazen attitude, she was everything he’d never realized he was looking for until he’d found her.

Both Bianca and Taz have guarded hearts and volatile tempers, making their interactions unpredictable and exciting. Taz’s gypsy blood defines him as much as Bianca’s rich-girl parentage, but both have overcome nasty personal trials and have come out as independent and strongly motivated individuals. When they’re in work mode though, these two are hyper focused and more than capable. Bianca is a strong lead for the B-Squad investigative team, and Taz has no qualms about being her second-in-command. Although, he should probably watch out for Bianca’s girlies as much as the boss herself, even if they’re just waxing off beards in the name of undercover makeovers…

Elisa just stood there gleefully holding up the cloth covered in wax and hair, but not—surprisingly—his skin. How in the fuck some people voluntarily did this to their balls, he couldn’t comprehend. The idea alone made his nuts nervous.

The ladies and gents on this team is more like a collection of badasses and masterminds than any typical boring old investigative agency, and their personalities shine brightly. I’m very excited about this new story world created by author Avery Flynn. Ms. Flynn is a new-to-me author and I’m impressed with the quality and punch of her work. She has a strong voice with memorable characters and exciting plot arcs. Can’t wait to see what’s next for the B-Squad!

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