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Giveaway (US/Can) & Spotlight on: Sevin (Lords of Satyr #7) by Elisabeth Amber

Man-gods born to live and love forever, the Lords of Satyr are renowned for their sexual prowess. . .and unquenchable lust. . . 

The Beautiful. . .

Strong-willed and deeply sensual, Lord Sevin Satyr indulges freely in the delights of the flesh within the luxurious chambers of his infamous Salone di Passione, the talk of 1880s Rome. Surely the Humans who would deny his kind their pleasures can be persuaded to share them in a new Salone he plans just for them — above all, the beautiful Alexa Patrizzi. Fiery and spirited, she is made for sin. . .

And The Damned

A pulsing darkness grips the mind of Sevin’s younger brother Lucien, the unwilling possessor of powers he cannot control. Held in the Roman catacombs as a sex slave until he was eighteen, he finds refuge in the ElseWorld–and sexual healing in the arms of Natalia, a maenad, who thinks Luc too beautiful, too young for her. But when his mirrored eyes heat to molten silver at her touch, she can only love him more. . .

From GraveTells’ review of Sevin… 

If you haven’t read about the Satyr lords, I’m not going to spoil the unexpected secret about their physicality, but I will tell you that it is shocking and daring, like nothing else I’ve read in erotica or romance. If your tastes in sex scenes run to the exotic, you should pick up this series for that alone! Even so, the scenes are not nearly as crude or vulgar as you might expect. There is a Regency feel to Ms. Amber’s prose that is both soothing and scintillating. She writes prim and proper with as much panache as she depicts steamy and sultry. The story is also well-crafted, with a wealth of events and a relatable number of characters effortlessly woven into the narrative, so that picking up this series at book 7 doesn’t leave you feeling confused or irritated.

The element that rachets up the emotional intensity of this book is the secondary plotline of quiet, tortured, nearly-broken Lucien. What happens in the last quarter of the book will have you hooked, turning page after page to see what happens next.

If you’re not afraid to dive right in, give Sevin a look and see what the talk about these mysterious, scandalous Satyr men is all about.

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