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Giveaway (US/Int) & Book Tour: Hounded menage author Sadie Hart on falling in love with her lion shifter heroes

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How’d you end up with two heroes?

By accident?

If you want the roundabout answer, lions–along with most animals–fascinate me. I was on another Big Cat Diary kick again, every so often I get hung up on the reruns and have to rewatch every episode I can get my grubby little hands on… so lions were on the brain and the fact that the males would form coalitions to better keep their prides always seemed like a nifty idea to me. After awhile, I couldn’t shake the idea that lions would make some really hot shape-shifters. They’re the ultimate alpha males, you know, being the Kings of the Jungle and all. Then I kept watching, and a niggling thought kept popping into my brain: What if the coalition males weren’t relatives (as they typically are in the wild)? What if two male lion-shifters had hooked up on a whim one night and hit it off?

It sounded fun, but I didn’t have time to play with the idea. I’d already started another lion-shifter book (male/female romance), so the last thing I needed was to write two books on them. Besides I didn’t really have a useable plot. However, when I finished the first book I was working on, the idea was still hanging around, along with a few other so I decided to do a novella.

I didn’t really have a clue how the relationship would work out, but the story took off and I fell in love with the boys. They meshed far better than I’d thought they would, and Lennox (the main female character of Hounded) added a dynamic to the relationship that I hadn’t seen coming. Suddenly I had two alpha males having to rely on one really strong woman, but that same woman fell apart any time it came close to matters of the heart. They were the antithesis of what she wanted. Lennox a wanted good, stable, loyal man. One. To her, the boys represented classic Bad Boys and well, they were just that: plural. By the time I realized this was going to be a book, I had two heroes I was completely in love with. And in the end, it worked out far better having two heroes than one ever would have. So yeah, by accident. :-p


Shifter Town Enforcement #1
by Sadie Hart

Lion-shifters Kanon Reyes and Tegan Sharpe aren’t sure what Kanon’s done to earn himself a frame-up for murder, but they’re determined to keep him from a silver bullet and a shallow grave. To do that, though, they’ll have to rely on the sexy Hound sent to arrest him.

As a Hound for Shifter Town Enforcement, Lennox Donnelly is one of the best. But when one of her arrest warrants turns out to be for an innocent man, she’s determined to get to the truth. What she finds are dead witnesses and an untraceable magick–with a killer far more powerful than her. Now, to survive, Lennox will have to learn to rely on more than just herself if she’s to make it back to the men she’s come to love.

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About the author

Sadie Hart lives in Michigan with two dogs, though one should totally be a Moose, and they both occasionally show signs of super powers. Like the ability to fly and mind read. Okay, maybe not the flying part. That’s actually her flying pig, Pignificent. Though his super powers also include laser vision.

During the day, while not wrangling super-pooches and pigs, Sadie works as a secretary in a library trying not to read the books. At night, she writes action packed paranormal romances with a heavy dose of the things that go bump in the night – both the spooky and the naughty kind.

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