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Giveaway (US/Int): Highlanders, Superheroes, and Navy SEALs – Oh, My!

Please help me welcome The Valkyrie’s Guardian author Moriah Densley!

My paranormal hero is an immortal Scottish berserker who works for the Navy SEALs. Jack MacGunn is secretly in love with a flunked-out heart surgeon who doesn’t know she’s a valkyrie. Mixing mythology with modern themes isn’t quite so crazy when you consider that everyone needs a day job, even superheroes.

The problem? Behaving like a human when you’re superhuman. Cassiopeia Noyon’s supernatural healing ability caused one too many scandals with the Medical Board of Examiners. She failed her last year of residency and was sent home packing. Jack used to be pointman on SEAL Team Three, but thanks to being called away on paranormal business he can’t explain, now he’s a measly contract agent who almost never gets hired.

Jack is assigned bodyguard duty, with strict orders to keep his hands off the boss’ granddaughter. Not only has Cassie had a major crush on the dazzling Scottish warrior since age six, but he’s flirting back – finally! Too bad they spend more time fighting…

You might recall the old Celtic berserker legends. When provoked to a rage, a berserker is possessed with unbridled aggression and strength, capable of single-handedly decimating an army. Anger, excess energy, and even libido threaten Jack’s self-control. So how does he handle being stuck with the one woman who drives him crazy?

“Just do it,” Cassie taunted, her lips brushing his as she said do.

“Shouldn’t.” Jack nipped back, paused, then kissed her lightly as though asking a question. His eyes flashed bright green, warning he risked succumbing to a rage.

Too gratifying to provoke him, to make him war with himself. She gripped his jaw on both sides and stole control of the kiss. She tilted her head to delve in, catching him off guard. She answered his half-hearted plea to stop with a slow lick using the tip of her tongue from the bottom of his throat to his earlobe.

Next thing she knew, air whistled in her ears and her entire body jostled as it bombed through cold water. She floated to the surface. A wave crashed over her head. Jack paced, fuming as she stalked out of the water toward him on the beach.
She tossed her wet hair over one shoulder and shot him a flirty smile. “Look who can’t take a joke.”

His gaze raked her up and down, his nostrils flared, he flexed his hands. If he had a tail, it would be lashing back and forth. Jack was itching for a fight and wouldn’t be satisfied until he got it.

Cassie looked sideways to check for observers, then threw her weight into a low tackle to his waist, meant to throw him off balance. It worked—they crashed to the ground and skidded in the dirt. He whipped his shoulders to the side to get out of her chokehold and scrambled to his knees. She rolled out of his way, but too quickly he snatched her thigh and dumped her onto her back.

He cried foul when she yanked him by the hair and wrapped her arm around his throat, but then she heard his very male satisfaction as she hooked her leg behind his knee and flipped him onto his back. It tangled them in an erotic pretzel, and that was the turning point for his anger into sport.

She grabbed the dog tags hanging from the beaded chain around his neck and pulled him down for a rough kiss. They’d come full circle, and before long they were fighting again, which she didn’t know was possible while still locked in a kiss.
Odd that violence inspired some deep thinking, but every moment in his arms her heart sang. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, delirious with a dark, hungry feeling. You’re in love, stupid, her helpful subconscious whispered. Cassie made a choice then, one she would wait to tell him.

Forty minutes later Jack finally conceded and dropped to the sand, panting gusts into the dirt-powdered air. Cassie had felt every minute pass slowly, muscles screaming, her lungs overtaxed. Other than that, she felt good. Fantastic. Her lips still tingled from their wrestling-slash-making-out. Dirty sparring. She liked it.

Jack the berserker is a handful, but Cassie discovers she can handle him. Theirs is a very physical relationship, because Jack’s athletic prowess is his identity – yet Cassie takes utmost pride in her intellect. At least she thought she did. After hanging around Jack for a while, she puts down her classic Greek novel and goes waterskiing instead. Jack learns to enjoy an evening not in the boxing ring, but playing music instead. It’s a tough-jock-gets-geek-girl story, but before long, it’s hard to tell who’s the jock and who’s the geek.

How does being in love change people? Has it happened to you? Do opposites attract in real life? Tell us what you think!

“Augmented strength, lightning weapon, chronic PMS – you’re a valkyrie, Cass.” 

You might call them superheroes. “Extra-sentients” are one in 4.5 million with the extraordinary ability to unlock the full potential of the mind.

Cassiopeia Noyon is descended from the most powerful known extra-sentient, but she’s a dud – no impressive talents except a healing ability which lands her in trouble. She’s all wrong for Jack MacGunn, her dazzling immortal berserker bodyguard.

Cassiopeia Noyon has a medical degree at age twenty-one, which makes her a total loser … for an extra-sentient with merely superhuman strength and healing powers but not much else. Cassie may not even be immortal, which is a downer since the man she’s adored since age six, is.

Jack MacGunn is King of the Bad Pick-Up Line. A true blue kilt-wearing, pipe-playing Scot descended from a long line of berserker warriors; if he’s awake, he’s either hungry or itching for a fight. Lately Jack feels lost. His career as a Navy SEAL detachment agent is on a slow train to nowhere. He suspects it has something to do with his out-of-control superhuman rages. 

The one task Jack has never failed at is guarding Cassie from their enemies, but now he fears he can’t protect her from himself. Even if they could go a single day without fighting, Jack knows he’ll never be good enough for her. The boss’ granddaughter is off-limits anyway.

A chance encounter with a villain long assumed dead sends Jack and Cassie on a race to save the children secreted away at Network One, the academy for genius extra-sentients. Jack discovers a new side of Cassie when in the heat of combat she invokes unheard-of powers. Has Jack finally met his match?

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About the author

2012 RWA Golden Heart finalist Moriah Densley sees nothing odd at all about keeping both a violin case and a range bag stuffed with pistols in the back seat of her car. They hold up the stack of books in the middle, of course. She enjoys writing about Victorians, assassins, and geeks. Her muses are summoned by the smell of chocolate, usually at odd hours of the night. By day her alter ego is your friendly neighborhood music teacher. Moriah lives in Las Vegas with her husband and four children.

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