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Guest Post & Giveaway: Eleri Stone, author of Redemption

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Please help me welcome Eleri Stone, author of Redemption, to GraveTells!

If you missed GT’s review of Redemption last week, take a minute to pop over to the post and check it out.  I really enjoyed reading Redemption and have added Mercy, the first book in the Lost City Shifters series, to my 2011 Reading List so I can read more about the Lost City Shifters!  Ms. Stone has graciously agreed to do a guest post and giveaway here on GraveTells.  All weekend, starting today and lasting through Sunday evening at 11:59 pm EST, comment to this post and answer the question Ms. Stone asks in her guest spot below, and you’ll be entered into the giveaway for one e-copy of Redemption. You will get one entry for commenting (1 total, but feel free to comment and chat us up as much as you like! =) ), and one entry each for following/subscribing/etc during the contest.  You can also enter once daily by tweeting about the contest (details below)!  The contest widget is below, so read on and see what Ms. Stone had to say about the unique, historical setting for her Lost City Shifters


Thanks GraveTells for inviting me to stop by today! Redemption, the second book in the Lost City Shifter’s series, releases on Monday and I’m excited to send Adriano and Sophie off into the great big world. Adriano’s story begins in book one, Mercy, although he’s only mentioned in passing there. He’s a jaguar shapeshifter who was serving as a military captain of his people, the Yaguara. Five years ago, he balked at an order to destroy a building which housed civilians. Because he disobeyed orders and because a child died anyway, he was viewed as a traitor by both sides of the conflict and sent into exile.

Redemption opens with Adriano trying to earn his way home by recovering a priceless artifact from a damaged archaeological site in Peru. He believes that its recovery will be a powerful enough incentive for the Yaguara to grant him a pardon in exchange for its return.  Sophie is an inquisitive and hard-working archaeologist who keeps getting in his way. Adriano’s plan to seduce her as a distraction backfires, and what follows is a fast-paced adventure through their own temple of doom.

The site in Redemption was modeled after a real archaeological site in Peru called Chavín de Huántar, which captured my imagination when I first heard of it—dark tunnels, a forgotten culture, an ancient temple constructed by a priesthood who actually believed that they could transform into jaguars (under the influence of psychotropic drugs). So this story began with the question, “What if those priests were telling the truth?”

What if the priesthood actually were men and women who could shapeshift into jaguars and were worshipped by the local human population as gods? What if that strange and mysterious civilization hadn’t died out, but had only retreated into the depths of the Amazon jungle? What if there were clues left behind in the indecipherable temple carvings that might reveal them?

Take that fascination along with a love of all things paranormal, add in a huge infatuation with Indiana Jones **sigh** and Redemption was born. Setting plays a huge part in what attracts me to a story.

I’m going to be giving away an ebook copy of Redemption to one of the commenters today and I’m curious about your favorite kind of setting. Do you prefer the exotic or do you like it better when an author can make a familiar place seem new and mysterious? Ireland, ancient Rome or Hometown, USA. Just let me know to be entered! (Also please include a way to contact you if you win.)

I hope you enjoy reading about Sophie and Adriano’s adventure as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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