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Meet the Author behind Lust & Lace and Corsets & Cravings…

… Meet me in other words!

It takes me quite a while for me to write, since I write all of my stories by hand in leather-bound journals. (Even though I admit that I have succumbed to the use of modern ink pens and do not actually use quills). I usually write late at night, or sometimes, in periods, very early in the mornings. All of my stories take place during the Victorian era in Great Britain, which for me is a wonderful time period, and which is by default so entirely romantic (this is an era before the idea of speed dating!) and when erotica and sex was utterly, utterly forbidden. It creates a perfect background for the stories, which often tend to include a gothic element as well, whether I want it to or not. Vampires, ghosts, and even a Succubus just seem to turn up as soon as I let my guard down… Also during the 19th century science was in the centre, but there was so much which still was unknown and unexplained. Surely vampires and werewolves had an easier time before CCTV and the hustle and bustle of the modern society.

Lady T. L. Jennings. Secretive writer, corset-collector, and booklover. I live at a secret location in an oversized mansion together with my occasional lover somewhere in Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom, Your Royal Queen Majesty Elizabeth II domain and realm. 

As many other authors, I have been writing for the unknown joy of my top drawer (which has never sent even as much as a Thank you-card. Ungrateful, really!), until half a year ago or so when I Went Public and released one of my stories on a couple of websites and then grew bold enough to release eight of my short stories in my first collection “Lust & Lace”. And, well, after that, I have come to the conclusion that I am actually quite fond of knowing that other people enjoy reading my stories, so I started to write more consistently and suddenly “Corsets & Cravings” was released.

At the moment I am writing my third short story collection “Secrets and Seduction” which will be released during 2012. The first story is called “The Lady in White” and is rather influenced by Edgar Allan Poe. (That is, if Poe had read too many Jane Austen novels and also stumbled upon a copy or two of the magazine “The Pearl”*.) 

Most of my stories tend to germinate from the characters themselves, which indeed tend to have a life and will of their own. Sometimes they do not even act or behave the way I want them to, which can be a little bit frustrating. Rather preposterous, really, after all I am suppose to be the author! Thankfully I forgive them and we are always friends in the end…


Yours sincerely/ Lady T. L. Jennings

* The Pearl was a pornographic monthly magazine published in London during the 19th century for voluptuous gentlemanly reading. It is unknown if Poe ever read it.*

(*But perhaps doubtful, since Poe lived in the Colonies, come to think about it…)

Visit Lady Jennings at mysecretquill.com to learn more about her published collections and current works in progress.


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