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Review: Going Back For Romeo (The Muir Witch Projects) by L.L. Muir

TLDR recap:

Jilly lets herself get conned by a couple of grannies, mistaking their cardigans and grey hair for signs that they’re harmless old ladies who just want to share cookies and knit. She finds herself stuck in a rocky situation that is only escape-able by jumping into the willing, rock hard, muscular frame of one Scottish hottie with a body – the Laird Ross. Monty to his buddies, Oh-Mama-Please-Rip-My Clothes-Off-And-Bang-Me to any red blooded woman within licking distance. What’s Jilly do when she finds herself transported back in time and falling for a brogue and some thickly muscled thighs? Pfft, girl, you know what she does!  She uses his tartan for a snot rag and then eats him out of house and home! Going Back For Romeo is a GraveTells Recommended Read!

  • Title: Going Back For Romeo
  • Series: The Muir Witch Chronicles
  • Author: L.L. Muir
  • Prominent Characters: Monty, Jilly, Ewan
  • Recommended reader age: 16+
  • Sexual content level: little to none

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


Oh, Scottsmen, how I love thee. I once found a YouTube channel of a guy reading things with a Scots accent. He said it was so people in other parts of the world could see how to actually speak it correctly. I mostly watched the shape of his lips and tried not to have an orgasm over him saying “Clean the floor.”  No, no I’m really not kidding. You can’t understand the allure of “Clean the floor” until you’ve heard it said. Shit, I’m aroused just thinking about it. I wonder if I can find it again – that YouTube channel I mean. Ooohhhh….I might need a little break for personal time.

So, Scotsmen. Kilts. Claymores. Sporrans. The brogue. Those damned knee high socks. Time travel. Chivalry. Twuu Wuve Hooked yet?

This is a wonderful book that will make you laugh, sniffle, giggle, contemplate if you want to got to Scotland and climb into dubious places in the dark with large Scottish men (your answer better be yes or just get outta here naow!), and while away an entire afternoon just readin’ away. You won’t be able to put it down.  It’s that much fun and goodness.

The sexual tension sizzles from the minute our fated couple meet and you know that there’s gonna be some heartbreak and some strife and some sad sniffly moments – this is time travel romance, so of course we have to figure out how the HEA is going to happen in a plausible manner. I once read a time travel where the man was left behind, and the woman ended up with his reincarnation in the future. I never forgave that author. I was so pissed that she made the hero live out his life alone back in the 1500’s until he died. Grrr.

Thankfully that doesn’t happen here. Jilly and Monty get their well deserved HEA and there’s enough of a sprinkling in of characters from what I assume to be other books in this series to get your attention and want those books too. Muir does a delightful job blending humor, a sweet love story, action, danger, and the everyday realities of life in medieval Scotland. (Without any yucky details like what the toilet situation was like. YUCK and I’m glad we didn’t have to be let in on that.)

There were a few chapter transitions that left me confused, and while I don’t think that sex is absolutely essential for a “good” book, I did find that the incredible amount of buildup and tension was wasted on a few paragraphs of what for me bordered on purple prose. There were also some moments that Monty and Jilly seemed like they were getting a little heated, and his reactions especially given that he is older and experienced just didn’t hold true for me. Not that he should have jumped on her, but dissolving into laughter when you were just really turned on is not a reaction I’ve ever seen in a man.

That being said, I loved this couple to pieces, and this is a definite recommendation to my friends, especially the ones who don’t like sex of any kind in a book. They’d be able to get through the one delicately handled scene quite happily. 🙂  I really laughed myself silly reading this and couldn’t stop turning the pages to see what happened in the end. From meddling family members, to lovers separated and reunited, and a heroine who devises really ingenious ways to tease and torment the Highlander she’s got her sights on, Going Back For Romeo was really, truly enjoyable and I’d happily devour another in the series.

Memorable quotes:

Oh, why fight it Jilly?  Just go with it girl. Just go with it….

He was as immovable as a the statue in the Great Hall, but she did manage to get her carotid out fo reach of his teeth.

“Then I claim ye.”

If it weren’t for the authority in his voice, she would have laughed. He sounded dead serious and she would have to make dead serious effort to get out of his arms.

Heehee…a girl after my own heart…err, stomach that is.

Jilly did not behave well when hungry and unfortunately for him, she didn’t care if he thought her the biggest beyotch in the county. If they hadn’t recognized PMS in the fourteenth century, historians would look back on tis day and say, “Ah, of course.”

Dangerous, touching a man there you know. Especially big muscular ones.

Finally Jilly snatched her hand back and found him staring at her with a fire in his eyes that had nothing to do with his earlier fury.

“Is that all you desire?” he asked, his voice low and raspy.

“I…I don’t know what you mean.” Indignant was not her strong suit. She was much better at grumpy.

“Food. Or did you want to taste my arm before you decide?”

Oh, she wanted to all right. And he knew it, damn him.

If you liked Going Back For Romeo of the Muir Witch Chronicles…

Heh. I haven’t read a time travel in a while, so I gotta give you a few books with men who have big muscular bodies and Scottish accents. 🙂  Not a hardship, that, right?

So, for action, adventure, giggles, and a hero you’re going to have a huge crush on, I’m going to recommend Wicked Deeds On A Winter’s Night from the Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole. The main couple smolder, and Bowen is a Scottish werewolf. With a castle. And his lady is a red-headed witch with too much stubborn for her own good. So, you get paranormal romance goodness, lots of adventure, the laughs of two strong willed people falling inevitably in love, and the brogue.

Keri Arthur’s Riley Jensen, Guardian series (starting with Full Moon Rising) has the delectable Quin O’Cuinn. He’s Irish, but he still rocks the brogue on occasion, he’s powerful, wealthy, sexy as all get out, and conflicted over his feelings for Riley pretty much right up to the end of the series. But it’s handled in such a beautifully believable way you’ll love watching their relationship as it grows and blossoms into a true love forever kind of deal.

Final thoughts:

This book had some little flaws that puzzled me, but only until I was thoroughly engrossed again – in seconds usually. It was a sweet romance with hilarious character interactions, a super sexy hero, and a heroine you’re going to really enjoy getting to know. She handles being dumped into a time travel nightmare pretty well – although if I had a man like Laird Ross to catch me when I threw myself at him and then cried all over his giant, warm, muscular chest and he soothed me with Gaelic nonsense I’d probably adapt well too.

Going Back For Romeo is a GraveTells Recommended Read!

Rating: Going Back For Romeo


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