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Review: Omarati by D.C. Juris

TLDR recap:

An enslaved werewolf who has been serving the same family since the Shifter War, Calliph has been well treated.  He is living as the main servant of Obyn, the son of the man who owns him, when a chance meeting on board a ship with Mateo changes his life.  Mateo is a werepanther and his Omarati, or soul mate.  Will they be together forever, or will circumstance force them apart?  GraveTells thinks its Worth A Look!

  • Title: Omarati
  • Series: None
  • Author: D.C. Juris
  • Prominent Characters: Calliph, Mateo, Obyn
  • Recommended reader age: 17+
  • Sexual content level: Moderate, male/male erotica



Calliph and Mateo are men who find themselves caught in the grip of Omarati the very first time they meet.  It is a mystical connection that happens only between shifters who have been made for each other — soul mates.  However, it is a long time before they are able to be together.  Circumstances continuously come together to keep them apart interspersed with chance meetings over a period of about ten years.

Calliph is a very interesting character.  He wears a magical collar that can only be removed by his master Obyn that does not allow him to shift shape.  This fact is part of what keeps him at Obyn’s side — no one else can remove it, and he does not want to lose the ability to shift.  He also makes reference to “things” he had done in his past when speaking to Mateo and I kept wondering (and still am) what those “things” are.  In a way I felt like perhaps that is part of why he stays with Obyn when he aches to be with Mateo — he feels he has some kind of penance to pay.

Mateo is a sailor and loves the freedom of being on the sea.  Try as he might to get Calliph to come with him, he simply cannot convince him to leave Obyn’s side.  Calliph’s argument is that Obyn’s life span is much shorter than theirs so they can be together once he’s dead.  When Mateo undergoes a horrible life changing event and Calliph comes to the rescue, I was happy, but found myself  mostly saying “It’s about damn time Calliph!”

The author has created an interesting premise in this world: shifters live in the open among humans, there was a war that is referred to but not explored, and sea-faring is still very prevalent.  I wanted to know what the author could have done with more pages to explore the world.

The constant meeting up only to be torn apart again that the main couple undergo really drove me crazy.  I wanted my soul mates to be together!

Memorable quotes:

Whip me. Beat me. Call me trash.

Obyn’s head bobbed up and down. “All of it. Everything. Gag me, tie me, whip me. Use me. Degrade me. Dominate me, Calliph.” Obyn sank to his knees next to the bed.

Soul mates can be so demanding…

“Doesn’t it matter?” Mateo turned and moved closer, ground his hips against Calliph’s. “I can smell him on you. How can you lie with him and not give him everything? How can he lie with you and not demand you do? Perhaps it’s just as well that you and I can’t be. I would give you no quarter, no mercy. I would know you completely or not at all.”

If you liked Omarati…

For the way that the shifters are living out in public and some kinky sex, you may like the later books in the Anita Blake series.  There’s plenty of sex among all orientations and some menage for those of you who like to see some crazy group sex.

Final thoughts:

This was a quick little novella.  I think I devoured it in less than an hour.  The writing is good and solid, the sex scenes won’t put you to sleep, and the main couple are totally hot for each other.  But I was frustrated by the plot devices that kept them apart for reasons that I thought really sucked and could have been overcome if they’d given it a try.  There are really deep themes in this book about forgiveness and acceptance — not only of ourselves but of the people around us.  It is done very well, not heavy handed or preachy, which I think is pretty hard to do.  If D.C. has some longer pieces available, I’d say go for it if you enjoy this work.  He’s obviously a skilled writer and with more pages there would be more opportunity to connect with the characters.

Rating: Omarati

A Must-Read!


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