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Review: Pleasure Unbound (Demonica #1) by Larissa Ione

TLDR Recap:

Undergoing the transition to full incubus maturity, Eidolon is on the brink of losing his prized self control and the hospital he loves. When a fiery demon-slayer named Tayla is brought in the E.R., Eidolon’s barely held control goes out the window. In an action-packed and passion fueled investigation, Eidolon and Tayla work together to find the source of the increasing number of mutilated demon bodies coming through his hospital. Their trials of uncontrollable attraction, self discovery, and mortal danger leads them to love strong enough to overcome their mutual hatred. Pleasure Unbound is worth a look!

  • Title: Pleasure Unbound
  • Series: Demonica #1
  • Author: Larissa Ione
  • Prominent Characters: Eidolon, Tayla
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Sexual Content Level: moderate

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


Eidolon, an incubus, is the head doctor of an underground hospital that caters to demons and other supernatural beings. He built the hospital from the ground up with his brothers and it’s literally his life. Eidolon is the least demon-like of the brothers and totally prides himself on his self-control and fairness. I found it funny at times how “good” Eidolon wanted and strove to be.  That veneer quickly fades as his transition to full incubus maturity progresses and his mind-numbing attraction to Tayla battles to the forefront.

Tayla is a take-no-shit demon slayer with emotional armor as thick as a rhino’s hide. She was found unconscious and brought into the demon hospital. In enemy territory, Tayla’s life is at stake and is taken on solely by Eidolon to protect his sense of patient nondiscrimination. Eidolon’s barely held self-control goes out the window when treating the slayer. Sparks fly between them and even though there’s a mutual hatred, they can’t keep their hands off each other. Tayla is the polar opposite of Eidolon, which makes the banter between the two hilarious.

Tayla and Eidolon find themselves in an adrenaline-fueled investigation that has them succumbing to their mutual attraction more often than not. Eidolon is in a race against time to convince Tayla that her Guardian knowledge of demons is completely wrong before his frightening transition into a mature incubus. Though, as they uncover condemning evidence against the Aegis, the organization of slayers and only place Tayla felt she truly belonged, she’s forced to confront her troubled past, future as a Guardian and ultimate realization of love towards the demon doctor who saved her life.

Memorable Quotes:

Tayla, demon-slayer, and my new personal hero

The throbbing in her head finally subsided, and she cleared her throat. “Hey, is the touchy-feely homo moment over? Because I’m wondering how Minion of Darkness One got to hit Minion of Darkness Two without his skull fracturing.”

If you liked Pleasure Unbound…

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Final Thoughts:

Pleasure Unbound was action-packed, had multiple passion fueled scenes between the hero and heroine and had me laughing out loud more than once. This story is definitely not a deep, self discovery read. But, if you’re lying on the beach or need a mindless book that will transport you right into its pages, look no further. This book is perfect for you! Pleasure Unbound is worth a look!

Rating: Pleasure Unbound



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