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Review: Pride’s Run (Wolf’s Pride #1) by Cat Kalen

*** This review is spoiler-free! Read on with confidence! ***

TLDR Recap:

Pride, a 17 year old werewolf, is pretty much a slave. Kept in a cage, she is only allowed out into the world when her master says so. When an opportunity arises for her to gain her freedom- something she wants more than anything- Pride takes it. But she is being hunted- and it’s not just her master who’s after her…Pride’s Run is a GraveTells “must read!”

Title: Pride’s Run
Series: A Wolf’s Pride book #1
Author: Cat Kalen
Prominent Characters: Pride, Logan
Reccomended Reader Age: 14+
Sexual Content Level: Very little


Pride has lived her whole life in captivity. Her sole purpose is to use her werewolf abilities to track, kill, or capture the targets her master sends her after. The rest of her life is spent training for missions and being locked in a cage like an animal. Parentless and without any siblings, Pride has no family to comfort her. The only people she has are a few fellow werewolf friends who are also prisoners. She can shift at will, but on every full moon, she is forced to change and has no control over her wolf.

Days before the next full moon, Pride receives some terrible news- her master will be forcing her to spend the night of the full moon in Stone’s cage to mate. Stone is not like the other captives, however. He’s several years older than Pride, and is an aggressive, almost cruel, alpha male. Horrified and angry, Pride knows she has to find a way to escape her master’s estate. When she is sent on a new recruiting mission, Pride takes advantage of the situation and bolts. She meets up with Logan, the werewolf target Pride was supposed to capture, and knows she’ll need this alpha’s help if she wants to outrun her master, as well as the PTF (the Paranormal Task Force, which is a group of people who hunt werewolves.)

Pride was such an enjoyable character to read about. I love that she was not only strong, but intelligent, too. She has plenty of reasons to want to kill her master, but she knows she has to bide her time and not act impulsively. She thinks before she does anything stupid, and I admire that about her. There are so many heroines in the YA genre who don’t have this trait, so it was refreshing to read about someone who knew when they had to remain calm, even though they didn’t want to, because it was the smart thing to do. And though initially she didn’t want Logan’s help, she realized and accepted the fact that she needed someone with his knowledge of the outside world if she was going to survive. I like that she kept her attitude throughout all the years she was kept a prisoner, and that she never let herself be “broken.”

And speaking of Logan, can I just say how much I love him? He’s a sweet guy, but also protective and possessive. He had to earn Pride’s trust (as she does NOT trust easily) but he never lets her down. The two of them make an amazing, powerful couple. Pride may be a trained killer, but when it comes to relationships, she’s kind of lost. It was amusing to read about her attempts to sort out and manage the new, foreign feelings she developed for Logan.

Pride’s Run was an awesome book, with intriguing characters and the perfect amount of action and romance! It was a great book to kick off the series with.

Memorable Quotes:

Aw, poor Pride…

The pewter in his eyes bleeds into his inky black pupils and when he looks deep into my eyes, I get the sense that he can see past the fur, the eyes, the girl, and see into my soul, and can see how damaged I really am.

Now THIS is chemistry…

Everything in the way he touches me, and everything in the way he looks at me has shattered my last vestige of control and I know in this instant, life as I know it will never be the same again.

If you liked Pride’s Run…

Check out Moon Spell by Samantha Young, the first in the YA Tale of Lunarmorte series, which also feautures a teenage werewolf heroine. Oh, and it has a pretty hot love interest, as well, who’s *also* an alpha werewolf. 😉

I recommend Shiver, too, the first book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, by Maggie Stiefvater. This series is also a YA series about werewolves!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Pride’s Run was a fun, entertaining read. Cat Kalen is a talented writer, and it clearly shows in this book. I can’t wait to start Pride Unleashed, the next book in the series. If you’re a fan of YA, and like reading about werewolves, you have to check this one out! It’s a GraveTells must read!

Rating: Pride’s Run




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