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Spotlight on The Tears of Elios: Meet Crista McHugh’s Gregor & Ranealya

Tears of Elios author Crista McHugh brings us a taste of her book today…

with this dialogue excerpt between characters Gregor and Ranealya. Click here to read GraveTells’ review of The Tears of Elios.

Gregor: I’ve always wondered why the kingdom has taken such a hard stance against your race.
Ranealya (morphing into the image of a prior king): Wouldn’t you worry about someone that could mimic anyone or anything? Think of the trouble we could cause.
Gregor: True, but it wasn’t until the Great Hunts that the kingdom took action against shapeshifters. I wonder why…
Ranealya (resuming her normal appearance): You’re the expert in all the lore.
Gregor: Yes, but lore doesn’t always convey the truth. For example, I’ve always been told that the reason King Dezrik initiated the Great Hunts was because a shapeshifter tried to kill him and his family.
Ranealya: It wasn’t just one shapeshifter – it was a pack of them. But Malinius was the initiator.
Gregor: So there is some truth in it. Hmmm… You speak as though you knew Malinius.
Ranealya: Unfortunately. Because of him, I’ve had to spend the last fifty years with a price on my head, even though I never took part in his scheme. If anything, I tried to talk some sense into him. (flexes claws)
Gregor: By talking sense into him, I assume you resorted to some form of violence.
Ranealya: A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.
Gregor: Did he ever give a reason why he wanted to attack the king and his family?
Ranealya: For generations, Malinius served the kingdom as a soldier, a spy, an assassin. All he wanted was recognition for his service to the crown. A title, a nice plot of land, etc. Instead, he was ostracized because he was “unnatural”.
Gregor: So he was motivated by revenge? (writes notes on his scroll) Funny, I’ve never heard about his service to crown.
Ranealya: History is always written by those in power.
Gregor: Which is why it’s important I document the truth. Tell me more about Malinius.
Ranealya: Why should I? He made some poor decisions, and the rest of my race suffered because of him.
Gregor: Fine. Since you are back to being difficult, then at least answer this question. I’ve always heard that King Dezrik’s children were saved by a kitten that managed to lock them in a closet when Malinius attacked.
Ranealya (pausing, her eyes turning green and catlike): Do you really believe something so ridiculous?
Gregor: I think you know more about it than you say. I wouldn’t be surprised if you witnessed everything that happened that day.
Ranealya: Continue with your delusions, Gregor. I’ve said enough.


About The Tears Of Elios…

Shape-shifters’ Rule #1: Don’t let the humans know you still exist. 

Rule #2: If a human finds out about you, silence them.

Some rules were meant to be broken…

Ranealya ruthlessly plays by the rules and has outlived most of her race because of it. If she wants to survive, she’ll have to stick to them, especially with a genocidal tyrant hell-bent on destroying all the non-humans in the realm. But everything falls apart when a human saves her life.

Gregor knows he’s inviting trouble when he helps a wounded shape-shifter, but he can’t pass up the opportunity to study one before they become extinct. She disturbs the quiet order of his scholarly existence, vexes him in more ways than he can count, and encourages him to break enough of the kingdom’s laws so that not even being the king’s cousin will save his head. The problem is, he’s already lost his heart.


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