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Giveaway (US/Int): Getting up close and uncomfortable with Alaskan Fire’s Wereverine Jack

Please help me welcome indie author Sara King!

Last year, indie author Sara King submitted a book for review that caught my attention with its vibrant blurb, enticing excerpt, and unique urban fantasy take on paranormal creatures (Alaskan Fire). Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down and found myself completely drawn into the world of the Guardians of the First realm, firmly on Team Jack and rooting for Blaze to find a way to save him from himself. As romantic heroes go, Jack is anything but typical; he is short, grouchy, and hairy, with a vicious temper and a serious case of the munchies. He’s also incredibly loyal and a fierce warrior with access to a scary amount of supernatural power. Blaze, his lady love, is also not your typical romantic heroine, with her exceptionally tall, lanky figure and blazing red hair. She is one of the most determined and capable women in urban fantasy and has a heart of gold.

When offered the chance to do an interview with these two, I totally jumped on it… even though it involved me having to fly out to the Alaskan Bush in a tiny float plane and brave all the wilderness critters a city girl like me generally prefers to avoid. The interview is below, for those of you brave enough to come along with me and get up close and personal with Wereverine Jack. I also took some time to grill… er… chat with Ms. King, and some of her answers may shock and surprise you. Of course, what fun would an interview be without an awesome giveaway opportunity?! At 13 pages, I know the interview is long, so feel free to download it to your local device or bookmark it to come back when you have some free time. You’ll be glad you did since the prize is a $50 Amazon gift card from Parasite Productions and the comment questions are based on the interview. *wink* This giveaway will be open for two weeks from today, so take your time and feel free to leave other questions and comments for Ms. King!

PS – Most of the credit for this interview goes to Ms. King! I sent her some basic prompts and questions and she completely ran with it. I loved how she personified me as a rumor-hungry, photo-manic journalist. So fun!

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Blaze MacKenzie is a freakishly-tall heiress who just discovered that her ‘parents’ actually found her abandoned as an infant in some bizarre human sacrifice in the woods. Along with that nasty little bit of information came a six hundred thousand dollar check, a strange golden feather, and the ability to move to the Alaska Bush and begin her dream-life living off the Grid. 

Unfortunately for Blaze, life in rural Alaska isn’t as peaceful as she expected. Among her many startling discoveries is that her sexy new handyman, Jack Thornton, has already ‘claimed’ the territory that her new lodge is sitting on …

Further complicating matters, Jack makes it clear to Blaze that there are a good many things that go bump in the Alaskan night, and when a pack of werewolves goes rogue and starts killing or turning everyone along the Yentna River, Blaze and Jack find themselves in a fight for survival in this magic-soaked Land of the Midnight Sun. 

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Alaskan Fire was named as our Book of the Month for July 2012 and the Guardians of the First Realm was a nominee for Most Original Story Universe in our 2012 Readers Choice Awards.

Long ago, Kaashifah the Fury, Chosen warrior of the Lord of War, fought a djinni to a stalemate in an ancient duel of souls. Three thousand years later, she and ‘Aqrab, the passionate djinni prince of the Fourth Lands, are still bound together, each waiting for the other to make that final, killing blow. 

To complicate matters, they are being hunted across the vast Alaskan wilderness by a team of holy soldiers who are specially trained—and highly successful—at capturing the numerous magical beings of the Five Realms. In order to save their friends from the Inquisition, some compromises must be made…and some boons given. But in unraveling the magics that bind them, will these two ancient immortals learn to trust each other, or will their own thawing hearts be their undoing?

ALASKAN FURY is a whirlwind tale of two immortals woven together by a three-thousand-year-old curse who are forced to flee across the Alaskan wilderness in search of dragons to save their friends. It is a story of love and adventure, of djinni wish-makings and brutal sword fights, of Inquisitional wits and mythological heroes, of depth of spirit battling bigotry and violence. Fast-paced and full of action, it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. 

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Parasite Publications will be launching Sara King’s The Legend of ZERO 4-book epic sci-fi series throughout the month of February. If you’re a fan of Ms. King’s work, definitely check these out! The first, Forging Zero, will release February 1st, and a new book will launch every week thereafter to the end of February. For those of you who are waiting for her next Guardians of the First Realm novel, Sara is scheduled to launch Alaskan Fiend on March 1st! Keep an eye out for more great books to come!

About the author

While Alaskan author Sara King is not six-foot-four with carrot-soup hair and eyes that’ll make a wereverine stare, she does live the same crazy, socially questionable, off-the-grid lifestyle that she writes about in Alaskan Fire. She is fully acquainted with the quirks of outdoor plumbing, grizzly bears, questionable hygiene, private arsenals, and hypothermia, and has a vast and inspiration-rich wilderness right off her front doorstep. Find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kingfiction or email her at kingnovel@gmail.com.
Sara King was a nominee for Most Promising New Author in our 2012 GraveTells Readers Choice Awards

Giveaway (US/Int)

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What would you like to ask Ms. King, Jack, or Blaze?

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