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Micro-Review: Kiss Across Time (Kiss Across Time #1) by Tracy Cooper-Posey


Posted May 15, 2013 by

Kiss Across Time (Kiss Across Time #1)Kiss Across Time by Tracy Cooper-Posey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overall this story is woefully short with a lot of potential. The idea is fresh and the perspective is a unique opportunity for readers to experience history as it actually unfolded, in the midst of the wars and drama and little every day details that are such a mystery to us now. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters, in all the multiple menage variations, and was nowhere near ready for it to end!

That said, Taylor accepted that Brody and Veris are vampires very easily, with little internal struggle. I’d liked to have seen more shock from her about that especially after their unexpected shared visions. The chemistry between these three is hot. I really wanted to see more between the two men but there is just enough teased about their relationship to make it tantalizing. The time jumps are intriguing, although not well explained in this installment of the series. I also didn’t quite grasp some of the political negotiations. This is worth the read on its own as a novella, but especially as a precursor to Kiss Across Swords, which is fantastically epic and an addicting, immersive read. Recommended!

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