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hopping for a new series to dominate your non-existent free time? We’ve got the down-low on the hottest series in PNR/UF and, like a good girlfriend does, we’re sharing our favorite addictions with you. Looking for a dashing shifter hero to take your mind of your troubles? How about a fangy kick-butt heroine with a take-no-prisoners attitude? Or maybe end-of-the-world epic winged peril is more your style? Never fear, GT is here! *grin*

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Night Huntress (Cat & Bones)

Oh Bones, how I covet thee. Ex-gigolo with down-and-dirty fighting skills? Check. Legendary grand-sire with even more legendary powers? Check. Red-headed, spunky, half-breed determined to rid the world of vampires all on her own? Check. One of the most memorable sex scenes ever in a non-erotica novel? Check.

If adventure, intrigue, romance, and steamy encounters are what you seek, Cat & Bones are your couple. This series starts with Halfway to the Grave, and has everything you could want in a PNR/UF series, and Jeaniene Frost never ceases to surprise us!
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Cassie Palmer

If there were ever a more imperiled herione, a chick who gets into more sticky situations with crazier narrow escapes, I’ve never met her! Karen Chance’s Cassie Palmer series will make you laugh, cry, and gasp in shock at the new and increasingly-inventive life-threatening situations and consequences Cassie is faced with, and you’ll be green with envy over her seemingly-clueless choice between two of the most mysterious hotties in all of PNR/UF: Mircea & Pritkin.

Don’t believe me? Pick up Touch the Dawn and experience the whirlwind for yourself!
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This could be YOU!

Currently, GraveTells is looking for a few good men… er, women… er, whatever!… to contribute to The Feed’s reviews and news posts, and to help beta test our new community features. [floatquote]Currently, GraveTells is looking for a few good men… er, women… er, whatever![/floatquote]
If have some free time, are creatively inspired, and would like to get in on the ground floor of an excellent new PNR community
, contact DVK with some info about you and what role you would like to fulfill. =)

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