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Lara Adrian

Midnight Breed Week & Giveaway (US): Meet Andreas

Name: Andreas Reichen
Age: Approximately 600
Physical Description: Besides smoking hot (heh) and gorgeous...
Special Powers: He's py...
Midnight Breed

Midnight Breed Week & Giveaway (US): Meet the Breed!

Welcome to Midnight Breed Week at GraveTells!


What is Midnight Breed Week, you say?  MBW is a special week-long event hosted by GraveTells that will introduce... or RE-introduce... the heroes of Lara A...

4+ Fangs

Review: Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed novel #3), by Lara Adrian

TLDR recap: On a mission to track down a dangerous continuing threat to the Breed, Tegan must face his centuries-old demons and open his heart if he’s to complete the hunt.  Elise, widowed and having recently lost her onl...