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Paranormal Romance

Book Review: Tall, Dark, and Divine (Bagging a Greek God #1) by Jenna Bennett

This story had great potential, but in the end, didn’t quite deliver. I was more enthralled with the secondary character, Dionysus, and his interaction with Ariadne. I would most likely check out his book. Tall, Dark, and D...
Paranormal Romance

Coveting a little paranormal romance? Meet the new Entangled lineup!

Paranormal romance has long been a genre grounded in heavy world-building and dark, tortured heroes. We love those traditional paranormals at Entangled and have an amazing selection under our Select and Edge imprints. Book seri...


Book Tour & Giveaway (US/Int): Unwrapping VET’s Snow, an interview with THE vampire

Recently, I had the opportunity to "travel" to one of my favorite book settings, a sexy little theater where vampires can be vampires and humans are most definitely the... ah, entertainment. If you haven't heard yet of Snow, a ...
February 2012

Review: Covet by Felicity Heaton, Vampire Erotic Theater Series #1

When Javier returns to Vampirerotique, the theater he runs with 3 partners, he can't wait to see Lilah, despite the temptation she presents. As a human bound to another vampire, she is strictly off-limits, on pain of death, to ...


Book Tour & Gìveaway: Felicity Heaton on Vampirerotique and Covet’s forbidden love story

It’s great to be here at Grave Tells for my first appearance on this wonderful site. At the moment, I’m touring with my new erotic vampire romance novella, Covet, which is the first in my equally new series, Vampire Erotic Thea...
3.75 Fangs

Review: Covet (The Fallen Angels series #1), by J.R. Ward

TLDR recap: The greater forces of good and evil have tired of the game, and it’s all come down to this: one player, 7 deadly sins, and 7 pawns at a crossroads.  Winner takes all and everything depends on Jim Heron and the...