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Paranormal Romance

Undying Hope (Undying Chronicles #1) by Emma Weylin #BookReview

It took me a while to grasp the setup of the Undying universe, where the power and person are separate entities who coexist. Coming into this book as a new reader, I at times wondered if I’d stumbled into book 2 or 3 in t...
Paranormal Romance

Review: Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood #11) by J.R. Ward

Lover At Last was so exciting that I had to stop and reread sections multiple times but also so infuriating that I was skipping entire sub-chapters. I will absolutely read this story again, and this time I won't waste my time ...

Reviews by DaVinciKittie

ARC Review: Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed #11) by Lara Adrian

What do you live for when the man you've always loved is dead? That's the daily struggle Breedmate Mira has brazened her way through for the past eight years, since her childhood soulmate Kellan Archer was killed in an explosio...

Review: Kiss of Midnight (Midnight Breed #1) by Lara Adrian

After bearing witness to a brutal murder, Gabrielle Maxwell’s life turns upside down when the police find no evidence and she’s left thinking herself crazy. Lucan Thorne dispatches the Rogues outside the club, and follows the w...

Reviewer Top Pick, January 2012
Reviewer Top Pick, January 2012
Reviewer Top Pick, January 2012

Midnight Breed Week & Giveaway (US): Meet Chase

Name: Sterling Chase, nickname Harvard
Age: Appears to be thirty; actual age, over 100 years old
Physical Description: 6' 6" tall with disheveled short golden...
Midnight Breed Week

Midnight Breed Week & Giveaway (US): Meet Hunter

Name: Hunter
Age: DOB: 8-8-56
Physical Description: Hunter has very rare Gen One dermaglyphs, golden colored eyes, short blonde hair, 6 ½ feet of muscled Bree...


Midnight Breed Week & Giveaway (US): Meet Brock

Name: Brock
Joined the Order: Brock was recruited out of Detroit and appeared in Midnight Awakening. He was a trainee with Kade under the tutorage of Niko.
Physical De...
Midnight Breed Week

Midnight Breed Week & Giveaway (US): Meet Kade

Name: Kade
Age: Younger than three hundred years old, the age of his uncle Maksim.
Physical Description: Spiky raven, jet black hair, golden skin, penetrating...


Midnight Breed Week & Giveaway (US): Meet Andreas

Name: Andreas Reichen
Age: Approximately 600
Physical Description: Besides smoking hot (heh) and gorgeous...
Special Powers: He's py...
Midnight Breed Week

Midnight Breed Week & Giveaway (US): Meet Nikolai

Name: Nikolai
Age: Came of age during the Cold War so probably around 60 years old.
Physical Description: Tall, athletic, sandy hair, angular features, pierci...