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Book Tour & Giveaway (US/Int): Vamps vs shifters… who gets YOU going?

Please help me welcome GT award-winning author Sadie Hart!

Shape-shifters, hands down. Now, I say that with one exception. In the early Laurel K. Hamilton stuff (I haven’t read anything in a while, I move away from First Person POV’s fairly regularly and just never circled back), I was a total Jean-Claude fan over Richard. I hated Richard’s whiny-ness (which might very well get my butt kicked, sorry Richard-fans!), but Jean-Claude? –shivers- Oh, yeah.

Beyond that though, I don’t think I’ve read any vampire romances lately that have snagged my attention… Psst, though I’d totally be up for suggestions? –winkwink-

Shape-shifters on the other hand…being an avid animal lover, I’m naturally drawn to them (especially canids). I love the power behind them. There is no doubting the strength in a lion or a tiger, and pairing that with the ‘alpha males’ of the romance genre (heck even all the awesomely wonderful beta males), is a total win for me.

I like the feralness that comes with shape-shifters too, the way you can blend animal and human personalities. I definitely prefer those with the human-half in more control, but I love seeing them having to struggle with their beast-halves.
That and personally…I’d rather curl up next to something not dead. –shivers- Unless some of you can think of some potential vamps to change my mind? :-p

After being held captive at the hands of a serial killer, Holly Lawrence is the only one who’s ever managed to escape the werewolf known as the Hunter. As a Hound for Shifter Town Enforcement, it was her job to track and find the killer; instead another girl died the night that she escaped. Now, the Hunter is changing his game and he has Holly in his crosshairs, all he needs is a good chase. 

But when he targets the pack of Sanctuary Falls, alpha werewolf Caine Morgan is determined to protect them–and he’s not the only one. The Hunter is using Sanctuary Falls in a terrifying cat-and-mouse-game as he zeroes in on the one prey that ever got away: Holly. As Holly struggles to stay one step ahead of the Hunter, it’s up to her and Caine to work together to save herself and his pack…

But with the body count rising with every full moon, this killer won’t stop until Holly cries sanctuary….and runs.

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Read an excerpt

Ollie watched the towering man looming in front of her partner, a scowl etched on his craggy face. His arms were braced over his chest. Aloof. From his military cropped hair to the taut muscles that made him look bigger, more imposing. Worried. Then again, the Sanctuary Falls alpha had a damn good reason to be worried. He was missing a wolf, and with less than a week until the full moon, there was a good chance that whoever the woman was, she was in a rundown shack in the middle of the woods somewhere waiting to die.

“You’re a lion. Not a Hound.”

Sawyer flinched at that, and Ollie shook her head. The woman needed to stop flinching. Being the first lion-shifter allowed through the Shifter Town Enforcement Academy, becoming the first non-canine Hound, was one hell of an achievement. And definitely nothing to be ashamed of.

“I’m both, sir. Sawyer Reyes.”

Sawyer shakily held out her badge and Ollie wanted to strangle her. Don’t cower, don’t shake. Confidence. The woman needed to learn to wear it like a cloak. No. Screw that. A second skin.

Caine Morgan curled back his lips in a snarl, the wolf not at all impressed, and Ollie headed over to intervene. It was Sawyer’s first month out of the academy. She’d learn, and if the woman was half what Lennox had talked her up to be, she’d make a damn fine Hound when she found her spine. It took strength and courage to survive a killer. It was, after all, why their boss had made them partners.

Ollie neatly stepped up behind the Sanctuary Falls alpha. “Mr. Morgan?”

He turned, dark brown eyes almost black as they narrowed on her. His goatee was neatly trimmed, but black stubble was beginning to win out, giving him a rugged appearance that went perfectly with that scowl. She could see why Sawyer had flinched. The man had a glare on him that could have melted steel. Or made any sane, sensible person cower.

Instead, Ollie stiffed her spine and met him head on, holding out her hand. “Holly Lawrence, Shifter Town Enforcement.”
He gave one long, slow blink and she knew the moment her name went from casual recognition to something more solid. The Holly Lawrence. The one who’d survived. She felt the familiar anger curl in her gut. It hadn’t been like that, but she didn’t correct him. If anything, it lessened the scowl on his face. Made the hard edge to him feel a lot less like a knife to the throat. He still didn’t seem friendly.

“When was your wolf last seen?”

“Last night. And you’re damn well aware it’s four days to the full moon.”

She was. She knew the phases of the moon better than anyone. She’d lived and breathed this case during the academy and after. Ollie had worked her ass off to get her brother to transfer her up from the Colorado Enforcement office to here, to work with Lennox, but more importantly to work in the state the Hunter liked to call home.

Caine stepped closer, menacing, but she didn’t back down. One snarling wolf wasn’t all that much different from the next. She met his gaze calmly. Something in him eased as her eyes met his, and the fight seemed to drain out of him a notch.
“Her name is Claire Rawson,” he said. “She’s twenty-one; she went out drinking last night with a bunch of buddies to celebrate her birthday. She went to the bathroom alone and never came back.”

He jerked his head towards the pair of women standing in the Shifter Town Enforcement lobby. “I brought them along in case you needed to speak with them personally.”

Caine held out a picture next. It was of a spunky-looking brunette with a low-cut blouse, overdone makeup, and a warm smile that said she laughed easily. Ollie had to fight the burn of tears at the back of her eyes. If she didn’t find the Hunter, this would be the face of the woman they found dead in five days.

About the author

During the day, Sadie Hart works as a secretary in a library. At night, she writes steamy, paranormal romances revolving around the things that go bump in the night–both the spooky and the naughty kind. She lives in Michigan with two large dogs, both rescues. She writes the Shifter Town Enforcement series, combining her love of all things animals, the paranormal, and an action packed plot, but she doesn’t plan to stop there.

Giveaway (US/Int)

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