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December Subscriber Love

Oh loyal readers, how do we love thee? With sugar and swag packs and everything nice!

Ok, maybe not the sugar part (you can get that from your honey at home), but the swag pack… now THAT we can do!

Here at GT, we appreciate all our readers. You guys make all the reviews, formatting, presentation, and social networking completely worth the tremendous amount of work it takes to keep GraveTells so prolific and unique.  We appreciate every comment, every link back, all the gratitude and enthusiasm we hear about from you guys.

This month, one particular reader stood out.  She became such a frequent commenter that several of our review team members started looking forward to what she would say today, eagerly checking the site during the day for comments.

Sophia Rose, this Hero Hotness Swag Pack is for YOU!

<imagine an image here with hot, shirtless men, striking sexy, muscular poses.  Go on, we’ll wait.  Too many posts to do and not enough time means you guys get to use your imaginations for this one!  It’s all good though, because you pictured REALLY HOT GUYS, right?  RIGHT?!>


Here are a few reasons why we <3 Sophia and want to thank her for participating…

  • Sophia is one of our email subscribers – we <3 email subscribers!!
  • She commented on nearly every post this month
  • She entered every give-away
  • She checked back during the day and actually responded to other comments by authors & review team members
  • Her responses were relevant and it was obvious she actually read the articles and reviews rather than just skipping to the bottom to enter the contests
  • She kept a positive and encouraging attitude and was never negative or catty

As a thank you, we’re mailing Sophia the Hero Hotness Swag Pack pictured above.  Here’s what she’ll be getting!

<3 Much love!


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