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Book Review: Texas Wide Open (Texas Fever #1) by K.C. Klein

Texas Wide Open by KC Klein
Texas Wide Open by KC Klein

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Cole Logan has always known that Katie wanted more from him than he could give. It wasn’t that he didn’t care for her. It was more about his past, about honor, respect for her father and respect for her. He wanted more for her than he could give but still wanted her more than any woman that passed through his life. Now she was back. She was just as she was when he’d been forced to break her heart, just as brash, just as reckless, just as desirable and driving him crazy in her cherry red boots.

KC Klein opens TEXAS WIDE OPEN with a look into the past then takes us to the present then back to the past again for a look at the beginning of this hot, desperate love between two hardheaded, single-minded people who are too proud to admit their wants and their mistakes. By taking us on a journey to the past, KC explains the angst that Katie feels upon returning to town and being close to the one man, Cole, who can steal her breath with a sideways glance. In the meantime, she slowly introduces us to a pair of secondary characters with their own romance in the making. All four characters have known each other all of their lives. Their lives, their stories, their wants and their desires are all interwoven which helps create the seamless transition from past to present and back again. With a happily-ever-after for one pair that will have you smiling with delight, there’s the promise of another yet to come.

Memorable Quotes

“I’m not a child any longer.” She took a step closer.
“And I told you, if you wear that shirt again, I’ll burn it,” he growled.
But Cole would have to do more than display a little anger to scare her. Before she lost courage, Katie crossed her arms and pulled.
She threw her shirt in his face, along with her challenge. “Go ahead and do it.”

Rating: Texas Wide Open


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