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Indie-Pendence Week Giveaway (US/Int): Let the celebration begin!

Welcome to GraveTells’ Indie-Pendence Week!

Here at GraveTells, we do not discriminate against self-pubbed and small press authors.  We believe that a story can be just as good when it’s handled personally as it can when run through the gamut of traditional publishing.  Now, don’t get us wrong, traditional houses turn out some great stories and we’re fangirls of… well, more than we should probably admit to… franchises distributed by the big name publishers.  It’s a tough industry to break into, though, and many authors have turned to self-publishing or to the smaller e-publishers that have developed since the e-book revolution.

What happens when the leash is off and authors have the ability to publish anything they want?  Well, the same as any other product that no longer has to go through quality control checks.  Self-pubbed books have gained a reputation of being lower quality and are outright avoided by some readers. I’m sure many of you have had your own experiences with less-than-satisfactory ebooks that were self-published.  The challenges of many self-pubs are often…


  • Cover design
  • Editing
  • Lack of promotion or availability


While we enjoy working with self-pubbed authors, we also believe these books should hold themselves to a high standard of quality, same as traditionally published books, to give readers the best possible experience.  To help draw some positive light to this controversial subject, we will be posting editorials from some kick-ass authors, some of whom have been successful in both traditional and self-publishing, all week long.  They’re going to cover all the topics above, with words of advice to aspiring and struggling Indie authors, as well as some resources for each category.  We’re also giving away a $10 Amazon gift card and several swag packs to commenters throughout the event, so be sure to visit each daily post for your chances to win!

We’ve invited other authors and bloggers to participate in this event, so you can follow along and enter their giveaways too!  The linky list of participating blogs is below, and will be added to each post as the week progresses.  Definitely stop by as many as you can and let us know what you think!

Here’s the schedule for the GraveTells events!

Links will be added to each item below as they are published. Note that if you see a link early, it will not work until 3:00 am PST on the specified day!

If you’re looking for a benchmark Indie book…

Sara King’s Alaskan Fire is it.  You can’t go wrong with its sequel, Alaskan Fury, either, but you should probably read the first one first… so here’s a snippet from our review of Alaskan Fire.

Imaginative, snarky, action-packed, visceral… in a word, Alaskan Fire is entertaining, and more than worth your while to read. This book is so unconventionally compelling you won’t be able to keep your eyes off it. Ms. King delivers just about everything you could want out of a good book, with nearly nothing you don’t. The writing is sophisticated, the characters are wonderfully complex, and the world takes on a life of its own. I have read books published by the big name houses that have less polish and sophistication than this self-pub. Ms. King takes us on an adventure of hope, dreams, life, love, and the struggle that comes with fighting for what you believe in, and I cannot wait to start the next book in the series!

I’ll bet you didn’t think self-pub could get this good.  I dare you to buy this book and READ it.  Don’t just add it to your TBR.  Don’t just buy it, then let it rot on your Kindle (you know who you are, impulsive book buyers! *grin*).  Whether you are a fan of paranormal romance or urban fantasy (especially fans of urban fantasy!!), you absolutely must read this book.  Self-pub… hell, just fantasy in general… doesn’t get much better than this!


About being an Indie author…

in the words of Thomas Winship:

Being indie means never having to say you’re sorry. Well, okay, that’s not exactly true (plus, it’s rather cold-hearted, and I get accused of that often enough at home, thank you very much!), but, then again, neither are many of the beliefs we hold dear.

As much as I’d like to bemoan my innocence lost, I’ll return to the topic at hand: what being an independent author means to me.

The truth is that I can’t even think of the term “independent” without thinking of Hermey the Elf, the wanna-be dentist in Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, who runs away to declare his independence …

… And the psychologist shifts in his seat, jotting something in his ever-present legal pad before asking, “So, Tom, what do you want to run away from?”

I scoff at his question. “Nothing, doc. I’m independent. In. Dee. Pen. Dent.”

Giveaway (US/Int)

This is our giveaway for the entire event week.  You’ll have a chance to enter on each day’s post, so be sure to visit often!  We’re giving away the following prizes: a $10 Amazon Gift Card and 4 swag packs filled with as much Indie loot as we can find (and maybe stuffed with a few extra goodies).  All prizes are open to US and International readers! All you need to do to enter to win, is follow the instructions on each daily post. You guys know the drill.  =)

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