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Last chance to nominate GraveTells in the Bloggy Awards 2012!

Bloggy Awards Button
Bloggy Awards Button

Nominations for…

… are almost closed!

Many of you have already emailed your nomination votes in to the The Bloggy Awards and nominated GraveTells for the various categories.  THANK YOU so much to everyone who has come out to support us in this phase of the contest!  With only one day left to nominate, there are a few categories we still need a lot of help with…

*** Reviews are the reason we exist!  If you don’t vote for us for any other category, please do these two! We put a lot of time and thought into our reviews to help you guys find the right books for your individual reading styles, and would be absolutely thrilled to be a finalist in the Best Reviews and Best Group Blog categories.  <3 <3 <3

Thank you for all your support so far in these categories…!

  • Most Helpful Blog
  • Hottest Blog

You might think “hey, they’re already nominated for X award, so I don’t need to do that one”. The way the contest works is the more nominations in a single category a blog gets, the higher their chance of going through to the finals.

When you’re voting, try to show love to a variety of blogs! Entries containing votes for all one blog will be disqualified, and the point of the contest is to recognize excellence from around the blogosphere, so come on out and support your favorite venues!

Here’s how to nominate

Email your choices to bloggyawards@gmail.com. You can email in exactly THREE blog choices for each category. Please format your nominations as so:

Category Name
Blog Name (link)
Blog Name (link)
Blog Name (link)

*Note: in order to nominate us for one of these review genre categories, you need to also include the link to the review.  =)

Nominating voting ends August 13th, so if you’re planning to do it, don’t delay.  😉 *Mwuah* Smooches and much love!! <3


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