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Review: Dead to Rights by Cate Masters

TLDR Recap:

Tess Munro has no idea who she is. When she wakes up in a mental institution, she can’t remember anything about her past. All she does know is that the face staring back at her in the mirror is not her own. Tess suspects there’s one man-the leader of a cult- who has the answers she seeks, but to get those answers she’s going to have to follow him into his sinister world. Good thing Tess has an angel on her side to help her, because discovering the truth about what happened to her might come at a very high cost. Dead to Rights is worth a look!

  • Title: Dead to Rights
  • Series: n/a
  • Author: Cate Masters
  • Prominent Characters: Tess, Michael
  • Recommended Reader Age: 16+
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy
  • Sexual Content Level: very little

***This review contains slight plot spoilers. Read on at your own risk.***


Waking up in a mental institution would be scary for anyone. Waking up in one with no memory of who you are would be even worse, and that’s exactly what happens to Tess Munro. She has no recollection of who she is, but she has a gut feeling that the body she’s in isn’t her own. When she’s finally released, Tess has nowhere to go and winds up in a shelter, where she finds out about Alan Cunningham, also known as Reverend Cunningham. Alan leads a cult called the New Day Order. He convinces his followers that the government is evil and must be eliminated. When Tess first sees a picture of him she gets a strange feeling that he has the answers about who she is and how her body was stolen from her.

Despite the fact that she thinks Cunningham is a sleazy, manipulative jerk, Tess poses as one of his followers and joins the New Day Order so she can get answers. Soon she meets Michael, a mysterious and alluring guy who Tess can’t seem to figure out. He’s different from everyone else in the Order and for some reason, Tess feels like she can trust him. But as she spends more time with the organization, the more she realizes that there’s something seriously off about Cunningham and his people. There’s something…evil about them, and if Tess isn’t careful, the Order will find out she’s not who she says she is. Even with the help of an archangel, Tess might be in way over her head.

With an interesting storyline and a relatable heroine, Dead to Rights was a good read. I liked Tess’s sense of humor; her inner thoughts are so sarcastic, which made reading from her POV more fun. I also liked how much her character developed throughout the course of the book. She wants to be a good person and make the right choices, which means making sacrifices. She also even becomes kind of badass, too.

Michael was another intriguing character. He was sweet and it was cute how he always looked out for Tess. I liked him from the start, even though Tess was suspicious of him at the beginning. He was her rock, and I think they fit well together. I wish there had been more romance between them, though. I was hoping we’d learn exactly how he feels about Tess and how deep those feelings are. There were still some touching moments between them, but I wanted just a little bit more.

If Cate decides to write a sequel to Dead to Rights-and it certainly seems like it’s a definite possibility with the way this book ended- I hope Tess and Michael’s relationship is taken to a new level. I’m also curious to find out what will happen with the New Day Order next.

Memorable Quotes:


The guy looked like a bad Vegas act with his dyed-too-black hair, plastered on smile, and perpetually arched brows. He should be crooning ballads to matronly women, or plotting evil deeds against Batman.

Oh, ick. Yeah, I’d say that wouldn’t go over too well.

His voice shook with the practiced righteousness of any circuit preacher. “For the time being, I will allow it. But know that I have the power to cleanse your spirit. Purify your body.”
Yeah, right. How well would that pickup line go over in a bar? “Let me shoot my cleansing cream in you, baby.”

If you liked Dead to Rights..

You should check out Death is a Bitch which is also by Cate Masters. This book features angels and demons, too. And since it’s written by the same author, the writing style is the same.

Final Thoughts:

Fans of urban fantasy should check this book out, especially those who like to read about the classic battle of good vs. evil. Dead to Rights is worth a look!

Rating: Dead to Rights

worth a look

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