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Review: Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legends #1) by Marsha A. Moore

TLDR Recap:

After the loss of her parents and the end of her marriage, Lyra McCauley decides to travel north for the summer to Lake Huron, to visit and care for her Aunt Jean, who is battling cancer. There she meets Cullen Drake, the owner of a magical and mysterious bookstore, who has the key to Lyra’s hidden past and her favorite childhood book. Along with the book comes the memory of an entire world that she had forgotten, as well as a quest, a love, and a responsibility that has the potential to change everything she knows.

  • Title: Seeking A Scribe
  • Series: Enchanted Bookstore Legends #1
  • Author: Marsha A. Moore
  • Prominent Characters: Adalyra McCauley, Cullen Drake
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Sexual Content Level: Moderate

*** This review is contains very slight plot spoilers. Read on at your own risk. ***


When we first meet our heroine, Lyra McCauley, she is visiting Cullen Drake’s bookstore. In the mystical, dreamy atmosphere of the store she feels happy and nostalgic, but when the bookshelves start moving, she doesn’t even seem all that surprised by the magic, even though she is from a world without any. Cullen seems to know her already though she can’t remember ever having met him, and he says he has a gift for her: her favorite childhood book, the Book of Dragonspeir. This book re-introduces Lyra to a magical world she has long forgotten, and introduces her to a cast of animal guides and dragons who will aide her on a quest to save their realm.

I was enchanted by the ideas behind Lyra’s quest, but the execution fell a little short for my taste. The story takes place in two worlds – ours and Dragonspeir. Dragonspeir is an inventive world full of magic, and at first it gave me the feel of something out of Labyrinth or The Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately as the book progresses there is less and less told to us about the world, which was disappointing given the few very interesting pieces we did get a chance to see.

Lyra is quick to regain her childhood memories of Dragonspeir, and even faster to learn the skills she needs now to survive there – so fast that it surprises all of those around her. It’s almost too easy, which is re-enforced after the arduous quest is complete and the travel back seems so much easier than the journey out.

Finally, while the romance between Lyra and Cullen was sweet, and even sometimes steamy, it also left me frustrated. Lyra constantly blames her recent divorce for the indecision and caution that she feels. Since I have never been through a divorce and we weren’t given a ton insight, I was unable to sympathize with Lyra and her struggle. Still, I was happy for the two of them to come together, and we certainly do see our fair share of fireworks as their story progresses.

Memorable Quotes:

Oh, if only all chores could be this easy.

Back in front of a kitchen counter full of dirty dishes, she asked Cullen, “I’m so tired, can’t you wave a hand and make these pots and pans wash themselves?”

This is the kind of distraction I love to have…

“Try your scrying stone again while I apply more healing to your injuries.”
“You think I can concentrate, actually empty my mind, while your hands move all over me?” She laughed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Marsha Moore has painted a picture of a beautiful fantasy world, but I just couldn’t connect with the main characters. The dragons, however, I loved. They were amazing. Parts of the story were distracting and frustrating, and I hoped for the ending to be a little different than it was. The author loses so many chances to really bring the reader into the story. The story really left me feeling, “Eh, whatever.”

Rating: Seeking A Scribe




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